WELLS RECORD 03 PMSS 1921-1922

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 03: Histories
Series 09: Biography – Staff/Personnel
Series 10: Built Environment

WELLS RECORD 03 PMSS 1921-1922

WELLS RECORD 03 PMSS 1921-1922 [Page 9] is one of a series of annual records of construction, staff, student occupancy, gifts and events of the year.

Note that some names and details have been expanded or alphabetized for clarity.

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Health House at Line Fork Cost $497
Chapel begun Cost $2,256
Country Cottage completed
Line Fork finished


Miss Pettit
Mrs. Zande
Mr. Zande
Miss Gaines
Miss M. Butler
Miss Stone
Miss Wells (on leave)
Miss Parkinson
Dr. Huse
Miss H. Butler
Miss Mumford
Miss Swinerton
Miss Medcalf
Miss Adam
Miss K. Wright
Miss Garfield
Miss Peters
Miss Sudo
Miss Pavey
Miss Vallette
Miss Hill
Miss Humes
Mrs. Burns
Mr. Browning
Miss Darracott
Miss Sommers
Miss Davies
Miss Whitaker
Miss Bryant
Miss Webb
Miss Gill
Miss Clark
Miss Coolidge
Miss Will
Miss Sidelinger
Miss Collins
Miss Conner
Miss Bilbrey
Miss Henneberger
Miss Dunbar
Miss Walker
Mrs. [Mabel] Sidelinger
Mrs. Love


Capacity,  94




Visits from Mrs. James J. Storrow of Boston, and Mr. and Mrs. Percy MacKaye
Intermountain Railroad tracks through the grounds.
Allie Callahan and Kitty Ritchie to Long Pond Camp for Girl Scouts, [Plymouth,] Massachusetts
Road bill passed, incorporating or road in Inter-County Seat Primary System of Highways
Fireside Industries Department formally begun.