ALICE JOY KEITH Correspondence

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 09: Biography – Staff/Personnel
Alice Joy Keith

Alice Joy Keith correspondence. [keith_a_io_032.jpg]


May 18, 1940 – December 30, 1960

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Pine Mountain Settlement School; Harlan County, KY; geography class; teachers; education; contracts [009, 013, 058]; Laurel House I; Glyn Morris; Evelyn K. Wells; memo of conversation [010]; Janet Grant; Katherine Joy [012]; Berkeley, CA; science teaching; William D. Webb; Arthur Dodd; Hendy Iron Works [019]; Coleman Day; Paul Smith; Albert Lay; Lester Centers; Leroy Moretz; Elmer Lewis [019]; Glen Camp [023 & 024]; Friends Service Committee; Dorothy Nace [027]; Mrs. [Birdena] BishopMr. [Glenn] LaRue; Scripps Institute of Oceanography; La Jolla, CA [030]; San Diego, CA; Margaret Nace [030- 032]; Mary Sue Baker at Line Fork; Miss [Gladys] Hill; the Tuckers [Emma and Francis]; Camp’s tuition [033]; Betty Peckler; Stella Taylor; Miss [Grace] Rood; Charles Creech [034]; Domes of Silence; Grace F. Liu; Jack Martin [035]; donations [035, 074, 076, 082, 092]; Miss Edith Cold; Clarence Garrett; [039]; US Navy Electronic Lab [040]; Fireside Industry; Miss [Alice] Cobb; [043]; At Home in the Hills; Notes; Fireside Industries crafts; PMSS calendars; Harmon Foundation movie; PMSS memorial booklet; fundraising talks [045]; Business and Professional Women’s Group of the First Congregational Church in San Diego; Burton Rogers; Miss Spinney; Miss Merrill; Miss Louie Davis; Frank Cheney; film preservation [054]; “On Our Way” film [071]; Gladys Hill; apricots [072]; Miss Sparrow; Dr. Brown [074]; nativity play [082]; Alvin Boggs; Christopher Rogers [085] ; Steven Hayes; Helen Hayes [086, 093, 094] ; Dorothy [Nace] Tharpe [089]; deaths of Luigi Zande, Dr. Francis Tucker, Dr. Clark Bailey; Miss Jessie Munger; Brit and Ella Wilder; Henry Creeches [090]; Fern (Hall) Hayes [094]; death of Henry Creech [094].

Also, letter to Barbara Spelman, June 20, 1942. Two-page handwritten letter to Barbara Spelman, PMSS Secretary, from Alice Joy Keith in Campbell, CA; visit with Chloe and Hayes Bunch [young_john_h_II_040] and [young_john_h_II_040a]

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