099 PHOTOGRAPHS X Workers at Pine Mountain Settlement Part 1 singles

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series: PHOTOGRAPHS – – BX099

099 X WORKERS at Pine Mountain Settlement Part 1

BEREA 2466-2527
1913 – 1980s

099 X WORKERS at Pine Mountain Settlement School Part 1 displays images that are part of a large group of photographs, dated from 1913 to the 1980s, gathered from a variety of sources and aggregated into a thematic collection entitled “Workers.” This is the first set of those photographs.

Some individuals are identified and others are not. When possible some are given probable identification and [?] is added to indicate the identification is not absolute. Your help with identifying individuals, if known, would be appreciated. See “Comments” at the bottom of the page.

099 X WORKERS at Pine Mountain Settlement Part 1

Among the individuals included in this first set of images are the following:
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Katherine Pettit ; Ethel de Long Zande ; Luigi Zande ; Wilmer Stone Viner ; Leon Deschamps ; May Ritchie Deschamps ; Clotilde Deschamps ; Albert Deschamps ; Barto Zande ; Helena Zande ; Evelyn Wells ; Harriet Butler ; Edith Cold ; Bertha ColdMarguerite Butler ; Martha Van Meter ; Isabel McLelland ; Miss Lawson ; Philip Roettinger ; Sylvia Bird ; Miss Brooks ; Dr. Ida Stapleton ; Rev. Robert Stapleton ; Angela Melville ; Glyn MorrisRuth Shuler ; Miss Lily ; Dr. Epler ; Miss Pizshack ; Dr. Sandstrom ; Celia Cathcart Holton ; Dr. Grace Huse ; Miss Reed ; Miss Lilliath Robbins ; Alice Coolidge Butler ; Erica Thorpe ; Edith Canterbury ; Dr. Hume [Huse?] ; Miss Putnam ; Mrs. Ames ; “Peg” ; Dr. and Mrs. Newman ; Miss Parkinson ; Mrs. Bartlett ; Hank Savage ; John A. Spelman III ; Sally Cornett ; Fern Hall Hayes ; Alice Cobb ; Miss Watts ; Ann Cobb ; Ruth Hench ; Mary Rockwell Hook ;

WORKERS at Pine Mountain Settlement  [162 images]