HISTORY PMSS Summary 1938-1939

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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History PMSS Summary 1938-1939

HISTORY PMSS Summary 1938-1939

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History of the Pine Mountain Settlement School

Staff Members:

Joan Ayers, Bookkeeper
Fred J. Burkhard, Printing
Boone C. Callahan, Woodworking
Edith Cold, English & Literature
Arthur W. Dodd, Business Manager & Pianist
Anna Lee Goins, Home Economics
Harry Gordon, Mechanics
Fern Hall, Secretary
William Hayes, Farm & Dairy
Gladys Hill, Cooperative Store, Economics & History, Mathematics
Maude Holbrook, Kitchen & Dining Room
Howard H. Ingling, Doctor (succeeded Dr. Lehman)
Alice Joy Keith, Science
Wilmer S. Lehman, Doctor
Mrs. [Anna] Lehman, Bible & History
Josephine Merrill, Bible & History, Housemother
Bess Ollinger, Housemother Laurel House
Winifred Powell, English, Housemother
Grace M. Rood, Nurse
Rachel Rowland, Itinerant Home Economics Tchr.
John A. Spelman III Art
Esther Weller, Counselor
Everett K. Wilson, Principal, Social Studies
Elizabeth Wilson (Mrs. E. K.), Librarian
John H. Young, Housefather, Supervisor of Activities
Rev. & Mrs. Richard E. Baker — Line Fork
Anna Pishzak – Medical Settlement, Big Laurel
Chloe Smith, Weaving, Big Laurel
Glyn Morris, Director
Gladys Morris, Unpaid Laurel House worker

Number of Students: Approximately 120

Special Gifts:

$500.00 legacy from estate of C. F. Huhlien
$833.36 final payment from estate of Annie B. Greene ($1850.00 received 1932)


PMSS chosen by U. S. Office of Education for a study of interesting curricula of 12 schools.

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Page 2, 1938-39

Accounts of various aspects of the school’s program appeared in the Kentucky Educational Journal, Mountain Life & Work, The Curriculum Journal & the Smith College Alumni Association magazine.

PMSS selected as one of 216 schools to take part in the Cooperative Study of Secondary School Standards.

Participated in Alliance for Guidance of Rural Youth Conference Washington, D. C.

PMSS hosted annual Young People’s Conference sponsored by the Presbyterian Church, USA.

July, 1938, PMSS operated a camp for 50 under-privileged Harlan County boys and girls (Harlan Kiwanis Club donated $750.00, which nearly covered cost of camp.)

Arthur Dodd (Business Manager) and Georgia Ayers (Infirmary Assistant) were married in the Chapel in August and moved to Far House, Everett Wilson, Principal, and Elizabeth Owen, who became PMSS Librarian, were married in the Chapel in August, and moved to Pole House.

“Pine Mountain Community Day” was held October 15, with singing, dancing and a one-act play replacing more competitive events of previous years.

Silver Jubilee Benefit Performance for PMSS given at Town Hall, NYC, arranged by Mrs. Leonard Elsmith.

Radio “listening centers” were established at the Big Laurel Medical Settlement and the Line Fork Cabin.

There was a lack of response to the announcement of a post-high school vocational training program.

PMSS supervised and was partly responsible for an itinerant home economics teacher, Rachel Rowland.

Pine Mountain Press printed and bound its second book “At Home in the Hills,” a collection of wood and linoleum cuts of Harlan County h-omes by art teacher John Spelman III.

PMSS students voted to contribute $60.35 from student savings on weekly mush-and-milk suppers to Chinese Civilian Relief.

Curriculum: On-going revisions aimed at improvement in structure and organization of the formal school curriculum. First year studies were organized around the theme “Living Together” (Civics). Second year students managed the Cooperative Store and studied “Man and His Food.” Third year students concentrated on Community involvement. Under the nurse’s supervision, girls made home visits to offer help, and referred needs to the nurse. Boys and girls helped regularly in five near-by elementary schools with recreation and handwork, and continued projects after the end of the public school term. In two schools they helped with arrangements for hot lunch programs.


Open Air Theatre
Guest bedroom in Zande House

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Page 3, 1938-39

Metal stalls in barn
Far House room remodelled for Dodds
Pole House room remodelled for Wilsons
Community group students constructed “kitchens” at two one-room schools, to be used for hot lunches for students, and demonstration kitchens for the community.


Wallins High School, January 19
Evarts High School, February 9
Harlan High School, May Day program, rain interfered
Union College, Barbourville KY
New York for Silver Jubilee
Beta Sigma Omicron Convention, Missouri (Joan Ayers, Ruby Ayers, Lucille Christian, Fern Hall)
Seniors to Norris Dam
Berea Spring Folk Dance Festival, May 20
Pineville Mountain Laurel Festival, May 25
Mr. Morris & Mr. Wilson – NUGA meeting in Washington, D. C., January 25

Religious Life:

Two Chapel services on Sunday
Nativity Play, Thanksgiving service, Good Friday recognition

Visiting Ministers:
Dr. W. W. Fisher, Berea College
Prof. E. M. Hoffman, Berea College
Rev. Matthew Smith, Harlan KY
Dr. Walter Muelder, Berea College
Dr. John O. Gross, President, Union College
Rev. Richard E. Baker, Line Fork Professor
Foss Smith, Dean, Lincoln Memorial University

Farm and Dairy: Net products of the Farm were not as great as in some years. A conservative estimate shows a net profit of $1,881.62, mainly from the dairy.

Health: Infirmary Report, January 1938 – January 1939

Bed Days in the Infirmary:
Community 839
School 294
Total 1133

School Office Calls 805
Community Office Calls 398
Home Calls by Nurse and Doctor 264

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Page 4, 1938-39

Maternity Cases at Infirmary 25
Maternity Cases at Home 4

Dental Clinics 9

Small Pox Vaccinations:
Rural Schools 57
Pine Mountain 83
Total 140

Financial: Report of Treasurer C. N. Manning noted that PMSS could not operate on its present basis without meeting a deficit of some $10,000.00 annually. During the past five years it has been necessary to withdraw from invested funds something over $32,000.00.

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