KATHERINE PETTIT Correspondence 1930

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 07: Directors


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GALLERY: Katherine Pettit Correspondence 1930 January – December

CONTENTS: : Katherine Pettit Correspondence 1930 January – December

January 13, 1930. [unsigned] ? to Miss Routh Clarke, Midway, KY. Straightening creek beds; Opportunity School at Berea; motoring; Uncle Bill Stacy’s funeral. [001]

January 14, 1930. [unsigned] ? to Miss Gertrude A. Elder, W. Newton, MA. Thanks from Miss Pettit for books from Mrs. Bowser; describes students’ activities: fixing road, weaving, Country Cottage, extension work. [002]

January 15, 1930. [unsigned] KP to Mrs. James W. Algeo, Barrington, RI. Asks for material on tobacco question; weaving; July 4th event; Uncle Bill Stacy’s funeral. [003-004]

January 21, 1930. [unsigned] AM to Miss Pettit. Application letter; books for Allie Nolan Davis; Ruth’s operation; radio sheets. [005]

February 5, 1930. [unsigned] AM to Miss Pettit, Lexington, KY. Mr. Morrison i leaving; Miss Davis; Notes; Mrs. Callahan; Mossie Lewis. [006]

February 7, 1930. [unsigned] AM to Miss Pettit, Lexington, KY. Parents’ Committee; hiring; free clothing; mules; Lee-Turner house. [007]

March 13, 1930. [unsigned] KP to Miss Routh Clarke, Midway, KY. Thanks for cash gift; Mr. [Hubert] Hadley coming; retirement plans; Creech stir-off. [008]

April 4, 1930. [unsigned] KP to Mrs. Bernice Rosborough, Cmte Public Education, Lawrenceville, IL. Responds to request for info about PMSS with literature, descriptions of student activities; rejects gift of clothing. [009-010]

May 5, 1930. Angela Melville to Miss Pettit. Scheduling preparations for the Pageant. [011]

June 14, [1930]. Katherine Pettit, Lexington, KY, to Mr. Hadley. Welcomes him to PMSS and offers her help. [012-013]

[n.d.] [unsigned; no addressee] Pettit’s handwriting on Pine Mountain Settlement School letterhead. Acquiring ice cream, speakers, and other plans for July 4th event; Dr. Hutchens’ visit to PM. [014-021]

June 28, 1930. Mary Breckinridge (on the way from Hyden, KY), to K. Pettit. Scheduling Miss Ireland for Big Laurel; country committee. [022-023]

July 14, 1930. [unsigned] HH [Hubert Hadley] to Miss Pettit, Glacier Park, MT. Nativity Play presents; need for Sunday-school teacher; cows’ health; social dances; Dillard Turner at Geneva Conference. [024-025]

August 28, 1930. [unsigned] HH [Hubert Hadley] to Miss Pettit, Glacier Park, Mt. School opens with 127 students; clipping from Lend a Hand Society about HH’s thank-you letter; Boone Callahan and Mrs. Burns are at war; Dr. Stapleton to make health exams; coal mine problems ; Bodie the watchman was replaced with students. [026-027]

September 12, 1930. HH [Hubert Hadley] to Miss Pettit, Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA. Hot weather; tomatoes; cow. [028]

September 26, 1930. Ruth E. Campbell (PMSS letterhead) to Miss Pettit. Thanks Pettit for travel letters; Mrs. Adams’ letter; Fair Day preparations; Aunt Judy Turner’s funeralizing. [029]

October 14, [1930] Miss Pettit, Carmel, CA, [handwritten] to Mr. Hadley. Cash gifts from brothers of Mrs. [Jessie] Munger, donor of Chapel as memorial for her aunt, Miss Caroline Hedges; asks if PMSS should have an annual memorial service for them; Miss Kingman’s help with Fair Day; Notes; trimming trees; visiting CA schools; Fireside Industries principles. [031-036]

October 22, 1930. [unsigned] HH to Miss Pettit, Carmel, CA. Submitting Pettit’s order for wooden trays to woodshop; lack enough students to do repairs; Miss Conn’s management of Fireside Industries. [038]

November 6, 1930. HH to Miss Pettit, Carmel, CA. Arrival of new farmer; Mr. Callahan’s salary. [039]

November 19, 1930. Eleanor McK. Gibson, Secy of Institute of Public Affairs, UVA [letterhead] to Miss Pettit. Sending schedule of addresses delivered during 1930 session of the Institute; offering copies at $.15 each. [040]

[n.d., no salutation] Handwritten by Miss Pettit. Quotes from “The Pilgrims of Hawaii” and a KY woman when Pettit first came to the mountains. [041]

November 13, 1930. Handwritten by Miss Pettit, Carmel, CA, to Mr. Hadley. New farmer and Boone Callahan’s tasks and salary; asks for more PMSS materials. [042-045]

November 25, 1930. [unsigned] HH to Miss Pettit, Carmel, CA. Mr. Harshberger; crayfish holes in the reservoir; Little School children and Miss Semones, teacher; book party; Mr. Loomis. [046-047]

November 26, 1930. Handwritten by Miss Pettit, Carmel, CA, to Mr. Hadley. Mrs. Risser’s time at PMSS; possible Boy’s House volunteer; possible donor, Mrs. Harry Cornell; visiting Carmel Valley School; paying for transportation of gifts. [049-054]

December 15, 1930. Christmas vespers conducted by Miss [Margaret] Motter; Mr. Harshbarger’s letter; Miss Melville in Jamaica… [048 truncated].

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