PINE CONE 1944 January

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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PINE CONE 1944 January

PINE CONE 1944 January

Pine Cone 1944 January, cover. [pine_cone_1944_8-5_001.jpg]

PINE CONE 1944 January, Vol. 8 No. 5

TAGS: The Pine Cone 1944 January, student writings, editorials, essays, campus activities, Infirmary news

CONTENTS: January 1944

Page 1 – Cover
The Pine Cone
Back the Attack
Dig Deep and Buy That Jeep!

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Pine Mountain, Kentucky

Page 2

EDITOR – John Deaton
ASSISTANT EDITORS – Harold Reynolds, Martha Lewis
PRINTERS – Jim Bishop, Walker Franklin
ADVISER – Miss Minerva M. Sparrow

“Set up and printed by students of the Senior Class of Pine Mountain Settlement School, Pine Mountain, Kentucky”

Page 3
“WHO IS LOOKING OUT FOR BILL?” by Martha Lewis – Inspirational words to the young people back home who are needed to help the soldiers overseas.

“WHY NOT DANCE?” by John Deaton – Asks for more cooperation from dancers during the Saturday night dancing parties.

“V MAIL FROM MR. [GLYN] MORRIS” – Brief message saying he enjoyed the last Pine Cone and is looking forward to the next issue.

“EDITOR’S NOTE – The Cover, a linoleum cut of a doughboy in action, was made by Opal Hall.”

“The Pine Cone is the paper of Pine Mountain School. Everyone as a member of Pine Mountain School is responsible for its welfare. The editorial staff will appreciate contributions you have to make.”

Page 4
“BUY MORE STAMPS!’ – A poem by Steve Boatright urging readers to buy a bond or a stamp from the Co-op store.

“NEW YEAR’S PARTY” by Jane Bishop – Given for the community by the School, featuring games, gifts, refreshments, set running.

“FRESHMEN GIVE PUPPET SHOW” by Marie Richmond – Supervised by Miss Edith Cold and Miss Alice Cobb, assisted by Mrs. Mary Rogers. Acted by Lois North, Carleen Trent, Jessie May Day, Beth LaRue, Jolene Lucas, Bob LaRue, Jackie Howard, Douglas Reynolds, Roy and Ray Banks.

Page 5
“THE WORLD IS SMALL” BY Grace Feng, R.N. – Describes her growing up in China, working with Drs. [Emma and Frances] Tucker and Mr. and Mrs. LaRue, 1930s – early 1940s.

Page 6
“A MINER’S DAY” by Bill Blair.

“THE CRASH” by Harold Reynolds – stunt pilot, Jess Travers, performing for the war bond drive, crashed at take-off.

Page 7
“MILL HOUSE” by Patsy Hall – Describes a mill house transformed into a dwelling house at John C. Campbell Folk School.

“A DESERT HIKE” by John Deaton – Group at a CCC camp hikes 6 miles across southwest Wyoming.

Page 8
“A PARACHUTE FACTORY” by Marie Richmond – Located in a small city in the Bluegrass section of Kentucky, erected early 1943.

“TAMPA SHIPYARD” by Opal Hall – Describes her visit to the shipyard.

Page 9
“A VISIT TO NORRIS DAM” by Audrey Boggs – Describes a visit to Tennessee Valley and Norris Lake by her family.

Page 10
“THE BOBS” by Jim Bishop – Describes his visit to Riverview, a Chicago amusement park, and a ride on “The Bobs” roller coaster.

“A MOUNTAIN COMMUNITY” by Elizabeth Irick – Describes her hometown of Osborn.

Page 11

“THE NATION’S CAPITAL” by Alpha Blair.

Page 12
“A BUSY PLACE” by Walker Franklin – Describes Detroit, busy with defense factory workers.

“THE HILLS” by Mildred Centers – Writes about preferring the country life to city life.

“BATTLE OF THE YEAR” by John Deaton – Snowball fights among students from the various dormitories.

Page 13
“DESTINATION KOMBO!” by Walker Franklin – Describes a bombing mission to the Japanese island of Kombo.

“AN OLD VACATED MINE” by Katherine Nolan – As explored by three boys.

Page 14
“CAMPUS NEWS” by Martha Lewis – Mrs. Kaylor, Mrs. Northam, Miss Gregory, Lt. Malcolm M. Arny, Martha Anne (Keen) Arny, Miss Evelyn Creech, Bill Johnson, Helen Bartlett, the Ballad Club, Miss M. Elizabeth McBride, Miss Crawford, Mr. [William] Webb, Grace Feng, Jennie Lou Blanton; currently 140 Pine Mountain students are in service.

Page 15
INFIRMARY NEWS” by Mildred Centers – Miss Emily Rood (Miss Grace Rood’s sister); Della Coots; flu; Mrs. Fred Cornett; and other patients.

“OUR MOVIES” by Fredia Adams – Lists the recent movies shown at PMSS.

Page 16
Back cover – block print by John A. Spelman III.

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