KATHERINE PETTIT Correspondence 1929

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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GALLERY: Katherine Pettit Correspondence 1929

CONTENTS: Katherine Pettit Correspondence 1929

January 7, 1929. [unsigned] KP to Constance Wheeldon, Niagara Falls, NY. Anecdotes about PMSS students. [001]

January 7, 1929. [unsigned] KP to Mrs. Neil McCovel, NYC. Anecdotes about the PMSS community and students. [002-003]

January 16, 1929. [unsigned] KP to Mrs. B.U. Rannels, Cleveland, OH. Mr. Strouder’s $1000 gift; anecdotes about the PMSS community and students. [004-005]

January 17, 1929. [unsigned] KP to “Mary Rockwell” [Mrs. Inghram D. Hook], Kansas City, MO. Provides a story of Uncle Solomon. [006]

January 17, 1929. [truncated page] ? to Miss Edith Canterbury. PMSS Christmas; anecdotes about PMSS students. [007]

January 17, 1929. [unsigned] KP to Miss Nan Cobb, Hindman, KY. Anecdotes about PMSS students. [008]

February 11, 1929. [truncated page] ? to Miss Pettit. Updates on workers; hiring for Boy’s House housemother position. [009]

February 16, 1929. [truncated page] ? to Miss Pettit. Mrs. Keezel not returning; hiring Philadelphia lady for Boy’s House; workers. [010]

February 27, 1929. AM [Angela Melville] to Miss Pettit, Lexington, KY. Meeting with KY Utilities Co. about power line. [011]

June 17, 1929. Angela Melville to Miss Pettit. Mrs. Hall is the only one allowed in Schoolhouse classrooms to tend to books for the summer. [012]

July 10, 1929. [unsigned] KP to Miss Ursula Tyler, Grove City, OH. Community gathering; anecdotes about the PMSS community and students. [013-014]

July 11, 1929. [unsigned] KP to Miss Mabel C. Gage, Worcester, MA.
July 4th event; summer workers; flood; anecdotes about community and students. [015-016]

July 12, 1929. KP to Darwin D. Martin. Buffalo, N.Y.
Straightening of Isaac’s Creek and progress in remediating the flood danger of the creek.  [See transcription below.]

July 17, 1929. [unsigned] KP to Mrs. Jessie Hardwick, Harrogate, England.
Summer workers; flood; anecdotes about students; July 4th event; Uncle Bill Stacy’s funeral occasion. [017-018]

July 20, 1929. [unsigned] KP to Mrs. John H. Behre, New Canaan, CT. Thanks New Canaan Assn for check; summer workers; flood; July 4th event; anecdotes about students; motoring to funeral. [019-020]

August 14, 1929. [unsigned] KP to Mrs. Carl B. Bare, Concord, NH. Thanks for $10 gift; motoring trip; funerals; July 4th event; summer workers; anecdotes about students. [021-022]

December 17, 1929. [unsigned] KP to Sewing Society. Thanks for Christmas parcels; children bringing items for wreaths; distributing gifts. [023-024]

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July 12, 1929.

My dear Mr. Martin:-
Do you remember that the very last problem you took up with me before you left here in May was the straightening of the creek in front of the office, and you were so anxious to have it done that you asked me to send to the State University for a farm engineer to come and counsel us. And I promised you that I would do whatever he said.

He came yesterday, a very able and wise man, and he spent much time going over the whole situation, asking questions and thinking about it. He even went away down on Greasy to see what the situation was there and up the head of the creek.

He thinks that if we do just as you suggested — begin to straighten the creek nearby the swimming pool on to the place just in front of the office — that they will solve the problem of flooding our garden. He told Mr. Browning [Farm Manager] just how to do it, although he said what Mr. Browning had suggested was just what he would have done. And they think it will cost around $500.00. We are beginning it just as soon as we get more of our farm work done if you still want us to do it. I shall be glad to hear from you about it right away.

He advises as not to do anything about repairing the creek in the mill yard until we get this done — that this is the very first and most important thing to do.

Faithfully yours,
[unsigned copy]

Mr. Darwin D. Martin,
Marine Trust Bldg.,
Buffalo, New York.

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