MARY ROCKWELL HOOK Correspondence 1924 Box 17:1-47

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Mary Rockwell Hook Correspondence 1924
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MARY ROCKWELL HOOK Correspondence 1924 Box 17:1-47

March 26, 1924 – October 30, 1924
Letters to Mary Rockwell Hook from Ethel de Long Zande

Mary Rockwell Hook (1877 – 1978)
School Architect and Consultant 1913 through c. 1968

Member, PMSS Board of Trustees

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CONTENTS: MARY ROCKWELL HOOK Correspondence 1924 Box 17:1-47

[Note: Letters from PMSS staff in the PMSS Collections are carbon copies, typewritten, unsigned, and meant for the Office files. The original signed copies were sent to the correspondents. The initials at the bottom left of most PMSS letters indicate the writer (along with initials of the secretary). For example, “EZ” are the initials for Ethel de Long Zande.]

001 March 26, 1924. To “Mary (Rockwell Hook)” (Mrs. Inghram D. Hook) from (truncated, Ethel de Long Zande). Regrets that Mary is ill; asks if she will visit PMSS in April with Mrs. White when the Howard Brockways will be at PMSS also. “…(W)e shall have some lovely music on the baby grand piano in the church.” Tells about the bell in the roof of the transept porch: “Luigi thinks it weighs about 200 pounds. I wanted it oak within and without, and I believe it has three thicknesses of wood.” Mentions Jean Marie, upcoming visits by Angela (Melville). Marguerite Butler is at Boone Tavern, Berea (KY), but later in Cincinnati. “She is not very well and probably will be getting a rest.” Describes the swimming pool; furniture-building; blanket-weaving; raising money for the Girls’ Industrial Building. “The railroad is still going through the school grounds. Berto and Elena have the best times playing together.”

002 June 9, 1924. To “Mary” (Mrs. Inghram D. Hook, ℅ Mrs. F.H. Crisby, Menlo Park, CA) from EZ (Zande), who describes the church program in which Evelyn Wells played the piano and sang. “You’d like (to) trace the pattern in the stone work. Everything that your eye lights upon is beautiful.” Mentions wanting to see Miss Bigelow in Kansas City; hopes Mrs. White will visit. Mentions the swimming pool, reshingling of Laurel House (cost $1500), Miss (Ruth) Gaines’ garden, and Far House where the Zandes live.

003 October 30, 1924. To “Mary” from EZ (Zande), who refers to Mary’s note and comments on their visit. Remarks on Bertha and Ruth White. “We have some very splendid workers here this year, and how you would love to see the people going around this country in knickers! The time has come for higher education in the mountains at last.”


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