HISTORY PMSS Summary 1988-1989

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HISTORY PMSS Summary 1988-1989

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History of the Pine Mountain Settlement School

Staff Members:

Dorothy Ashley, Laurel House
Michael Ashley, Maintenance
Harless Barton, Maintenance
Ben Begley, E. E. Director
Pat Begley, E. E.
Boyd Boggs, Maintenance
Donnie Boggs, Maintenance
Linda Boggs, Secretary
Matthew Boggs, E. E.
Asbel Browning, Farm & Maintenance
Lorraine Browning, Laurel House
Clella Cook, Intervention Teacher
Afton Garrison, E. E. (Part-time)
Jim Gray, Maintenance Supervisor
Opal Gray, Bookkeeper
Paul Gross, Maintenance
Helen Harris, Laurel House
Terry Harris, Maintenance
Ellen Hayes, General Assistant
Omeda Holbrook, Intervention Teacher
Lisa Howard, Intervention Aide
Lorene (Cumile) Lewis, Laurel House
Ruth Lewis, Laurel House
Shirley Miniard, Laurel House
Abby Turner Polly, Office Secretary
William Powers, E. E.
Mary Rogers, Librarian, E. E.
Joyce Scearse, Laurel House
Verna Mae Shepherd, Intervention Teacher
Roxie Sumpter, Intervention Teacher
Lou Anna Turner, Laurel House
Ricky Turner, Maintenance
Roger Turner, Maintenance
Sophia Turner, Laurel House
Mildred Wilder, Laurel House
Burton Rogers, Director Emeritus, Correspondence with Donors
Paul Hayes, Director

Interns: (none recorded)

Traditional Events:  Homecoming, Fall Color Week-end, Nativity Play, Wildflower Week-end, Black Mountain Wildflower Week-end

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Page 2, 1988-89

Other Events:

Mary Rogers and Afton Garrison were among 4 Kentucky teachers awarded plaques for outstanding achievements in Environmental Education.

Mr. Kermit Creech, Jr., Ms. Ruth Shuler Dieter, Mr. Jodie Haydon, Mr. Jerry C. Troyer, and Mr. Robert Sexton were welcomed as Trustees at the Fall Meeting. Ms. Jane Bishop Hobgood became Chairperson of the Advisory Council. Ms. Cuba Craig and Dr. James Greene III were elected, to begin terms at the Spring meeting.

The “Proposed By-Laws 1988” were adopted at the Fall board meeting.

The critical damage from termites and powder post beetles to Old Log support structure, and the immediate need for repair, requiring Burton and Mary Rogers to move to another residence, was reported.

The Pine Mountain Community Clinic Board was granted a 5-year agreement for use of Hill House (Infirmary), in the hope that Clinic services can be continued with other sponsorship if the Frontier Nursing Service cannot continue the operation.

Director Paul Hayes filed a Citizen’s complaint against the Dollar Branch Coal Co. with the Office of Surface Mining. The coal washer operation, on property adjoining PMSS land, had been closed for more than a year, with no reclamation done. Without proper reclamation, there would be the possibility of damage to PMSS property.

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