Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 15: Celebrations – Annual


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  1. 01  List of Exhibit Prizes
  2. Staff responsibilities for Fair Day
  3. Notice that prizes were printed incorrectly
  4. Handout sheet for visitors to sing-along. Includes SCHOOL SONG and HEIGH-HO Come to the Fair.


The sun is a-shining to welcome the day,
Heigh-ho … Come to the Fair
The folk are all singing so merry and gay,
Heigh-ho …    Come to the Fair
All the stalls on the green are so fine as can be
With trinkets and tokens so pretty to see,
So its come then, maidens and men,
To the Fair in the pride of the morning.
So deck yourselves out in your finest array,
With a Heigh-Ho  …    Come to the Fair.

The fiddlers are playing the tune that you know; etc.
The drums are all beating, away let us go, etc.
There’ll be racing and chasing from morning to night.
And roundabouts turning to left and to right,
So its come then, maidens and men,
To the Fair in the pride of the morning.
So lock up your house, there’ll be plenty of fun, etc.

For love making too, if so be you’ve a mind, etc.
For hearts that are happy are loving and kind, etc.
If “Haste to the Wedding”, and fiddles should play,
I warrant you’ll dance to the end of the day, —
So its come then, maidens and men, to the Fair in the
pride of the morning
The sun is a -shining to welcome the day.
With a Heigh-ho  ….. Come to the Fair.