RECORD Pine Mountain Settlement School 03 – 1913-1914

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 03: HISTORIES
Series 09: BIOGRAPHY – Staff

RECORD Pine Mountain Settlement School 03 – 1913-1914

Note that some names and details have been expanded or alphabetized for clarity.

April 10, 1913     Arrival of Miss Katherine Pettit at Pine Mountain

May 10, 1913     Arrival of Miss Ethel de Long at Pine Mountain

The Pine Mountain family in the summer of 1913 consisted of Miss Pettit and Miss de Long, Miss Stoughton, Miss Clara Davis, and Bertha Lewis. They lived at “The Farmhouse,” a cottage owned by Mr. John Shell and on the site of Mr. Nolan’s present home. The store opposite was used for storage space, and the room above the store as a schoolroom. Tents on the hillside took care of the overflow.


Old Log House and retaining wall at back. Construction of well.
Getting coal bank in order
House in the Woods, constructed with community labor. Cost, $175.00
Lime Kiln built to produce lime to enrich the soil for farming.


Miss Evangeline Bishop 1913 Teacher
Miss Clara Davis 1913-1915, Nurse
Miss Ethel de Long
Dr. Blanch Epler 1914-1915, Doctor Summer worker
Mr. Horace McSwain 1913-1914, Farmer
Miss Ellen Merrill 1913 Teacher
Miss Katherine Pettit
Miss Marion Pugh Read 1914 Housekeeper
Miss Norma Stoughton 1913-1914, Bookkeeper
Miss Clara Wilson 1913, 1922-24 Housemother


Will Cornett
Fitzhugh Draugh
Charlie France
Alafair Huff
Bertha Lewis
John Lewis


The 45 cents from the Hindman Missionary Society.
Uncle William’s gift of land.
Lumber for Big Log House.
Mules and harness from Col. Durrett.
$6000 for Laurel House in memory of Mr. Howard Gratz.
$1000 towards Far House from Mrs. William Pettit, in memory of Mr. William Atchison.
Farm tools from the B.F. Avery Co.
A year’s supply of seed from Mr. J.C. McCullough.
$1250 from Col. Durrett to purchase the Wilder place.
$3000 for sawmill, from Miss Helen Kimball.
A Victrola from Mr. Anderson Gratz.