097 PHOTOGRAPHS Students 1930-1949 singles

Pine Mountain Settlement School 
Series 09: BIOGRAPHY – Students
Photographs Students 1930-1949

097 PHOTOGRAPHS Students 1930-1949 singles

004 [097_students_004]

097 PHOTOGRAPHS Students 1930-1949 singles

TAGS: boarding high school students, photographs teachers, Pine Mountain Settlement School, Harlan (KY) County, classes, graduates, support staff, Arthur W. Dodd, progressive education, college preparatory program, industrial training program

Photographs from the Boarding School years (1930s-1949) at Pine Mountain Settlement School, Harlan County, KY. Photographs depict the various classes and graduates of the school as well as the support staff. The photography is largely the work of Arthur W. Dodd, a staff member and the School’s official photographer. 

Pine Mountain Settlement School was established to provide a school that would satisfy the  growing need for progressive educational programs in the rural Central Appalachians. Ahead of its time, the boarding high school program provided a guide that offered a progressive college preparatory program along with an industrial training program. 

The Boarding School closed its doors in 1949 when public instruction and an improved road system allowed for greater educational choices among county schools in the mountainous area. 

IDENTIFICATION KEY: 097 PHOTOGRAPHS Students 1930-1949 singles

001  1.) A Class at Pine Mountain
         2.) Group of boys at Pine Mountain
         3.) Part of the Dining Room [Laurel House II -after 1943]

001a  1.) Graduating class 1948
           2.) A Class at Pine Mountain 1949
           3.) Big Log Girls (New pupils 1947)

002 Full staff and students in front of Burkham School House II, c. 1944.

002a Far House Boys.  Standing l-r: Dan Hendricks, JA Madden, Joe Bramlett. Mrs. Holzinger, Hoyd Brown, (?) Doug Reynolds, Donald Atrins. Kneeling l-r:  Brock, LK Henderson, Fred Hall, Eugene,  Collder

003  Boy’s House 1949
      1.)   First row: Carlos Banks, Walter Blackson, Ray Bird, Earl Brown, Ralph Scott, Rex Reynolds, Olen Rose, Emmitt Patterson.
       2.)  Second row: Chester Lewis, Rufus Fugate, Fred Baker, Darwin Lewis, Harold Caudill, Bob Hall, Carl Whitehead, LeRoy Baker, Bill Howard, Ozal Caldwell, Clayton Sturgiel, Goble Thomas, Clarence Tolliver. 

003a  Freshmen 1949.  (Last Boarding School Class)

004  Trio seated on mountaintop.  Hoyd Brown, Geraldine Boggs,  ? Lewis. 

004a  Freshmen 1948-1949.

005  Co-Op Class 1949.
         1. First row:  Lois Skidmore, Glynn Cornett, Bobby Goode, Rex Reynolds, Lester Cornett, Fred Baker, Lois Collins.
          2.) Second row: Jackie Hyde, Genevieve Howard, Olen Rose, Fred Hall, Ruth Wilder, Alma Jean Couch, Allen Winstead, Bill Howard, Axie Jean Howard, Lila Ruth Reasor, Virginia Blake, Virginia Walker, Joyce Polly, Chloe Slusher, Sue Ellen Creech.

006  Seniors 1949
         1.) First row:  Margaret Slusher, Earl Brown, Bonnie Reynolds, Ralph Scott, Kitty Wilkes, Walter Blackson.
          2.) Second row:  Margie Bennett, Goble Thomas, Bobbie Jean Johnson, Emmitt Patterson, Leone Sturgill, Darwin Lewis, Christine Irwin, Carlos Banks.
          3.) Third row: Ola Mae Cornett, Ray Bird, Birdie Miniard, Clarence Tolliver, Correna Cornett, Clayton Sturgill, Bess Taylor, Harold Caudill.

007  Graduates 1948.
         1.)  Back row:  Mary Garrett, Charlene Lewis, Jane Burkhart, Betty Huff, Birdie Tipton, Clella Sargent, Alberta Turner, Ann Metcalf, Margaret Blair, Mary Ruth Bird, Ida Mae Lewis.
         2.)  Melvin Coots, Raymond Sturgill, Hobart Wilder, Owen Lewis.

007a  1.)  [B-2425] “[Ball] Game at Settlement 1946.  Bill Blackson, Jack Graves, Doug Reynolds, Denzel Duncan, Jim Blanton.
           2.)  [B-2426]  Jack Graves, Bill Blackson.
           3.)  Janie Lou Blanton

008a [B-2427]  Baccalaureate 1947.
          1.)  Densal [Denzal] Duncan, Lonnie Lewis, Wanda Collier, Bob Calloway, Gladys Caroll, Dr. Clark Bailey [Trustee and Physician], Jack Wilder, Beth LaRue, Grace Tyree, Roy Banks, Arch Lewis, Jolene Lucas, Janey Lou Blanton.

008  New Students 1946. [MISSING IMAGE]
           1.) [B-2428]  From back row, forward: Carl, Brock, Denzal, Hall, Doug Payne, Billy Jo Collier, Red Collins, Ozal Caldwell, Ralph Smith, Clifford Richmond, Jack Braves, Ken Mo…., Jack Cress, John Paul Blanton, Joe Bramlett, J.S. Cadie, John Vinitoe, Pete Howard, Billy Gus Howard — Emma Jo Caudill, Christine Irvin, Ethel Sergent, Beatrice Camprel. Charlene Lewis, Rose Mae Jackson, Lila Mae ?,  Rose Gambrel, Melvie Lewis, Aileen Biggs, Bessie Johnson, Anne Metcalfe.

009  Far House Boys, 1946.
       1.)  [2429] Jack Seares, Jack Cress, Earl, Billy , ?, Wendal, Clarence, Billy Joe, Ralph, Clarance, Billy Jo, Ralph, Harold, Ozal, Red, Douglas, Joe 
        2.) [2430] 19 boys and housemother, center, back-row.

009a  1.) Boys House Boys seated on steps of the dormitory.
           2.) [B-2431] Two women students (unidentified) 

010 Four images of student groups on one page. Listed clockwise. 
       1.) Group picture outside the chapel of students with staff and Dr. Bailey, back row, Mr. Henderson to far rt. standing. 
       2.) Photograph of 19 boys, standing and kneeling.
       3.) Large group of students seated out-doors in fine clothes.
       4.) Study hall or classroom with boys and girls working. 

011 [Large photograph] Boys in the Graduating Class 1947. “Our largest class.” 

011a [Large photograph] Girls in the Graduating Class 1947. “Our largest class.” 

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