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The following letters were written to and from the editor of The Smith Alumnae Quarterly (Edith Naomi Hill), Evelyn Wells and Mary Jordan in 1928 following the death of Ethel de Long, co-founder of the Pine Mountain Settlement School. The correspondence concerns writing a memorial article about Mrs. Zande for the Quarterly, published by The Alumnae Association of Smith College, the school which Mrs. Zande had once attended.


NOTE: Letters have been slightly edited during transcription. Letters from Pine Mountain Settlement School staff are carbon copies of typewritten documents. (The carbon copies, unsigned, were kept in the PMSS Office files and the original signed copies sent to the correspondents.)

[zande_corresp_001.jpg] Typewritten letter, page 1 of 2.

[Letterhead] The Smith Alumnae Quarterly
Published by The Alumnae Association of Smith College
Office: College Hall, Northampton, Massachusetts

[Image of the Seal of Smith College]

Editor-in-Chief: Edith Naomi Hill 1903
Business Manager: Florence H. Snow 1904

April 5 [1928]

My dear Miss [Evelyn K.] Wells:

I am addressing this letter to both you and Miss [Katherine] Pettit because I am not entirely sure that you are still at Pine Mountain and the matter is too important and the time too short to risk delay.

I feel a great personal sorrow in the death of Ethel [de Long Zande] for I was one of those many fortunate persons who counted her as a personal friend and my instinct is to publish a long and glowing account of her and her work in the Quarterly. But I must remember that this May Quarterly is already nearly compiled — that is, the space is nearly all spoken for — and that we have In Memoriam’s of three professors, Gardiner, Basssett, and Wilder and two other distinguished alumnae, so I am puzzled to know what to do for Ethel. It seems to me that we should have an article written either by you or by Miss Pettit or by you both telling fairly briefly but thrillingly of the great thing that Ethel helped to do at Pine Mountain. She herself would deplore any personal glorification  — there is no need to tell you who have worked with her what — but we must try to make the article a living memorial of the kind that she would like. The question is — when can we have it?

I was traveling in the south from the middle of March to April 1 and did not get mail promptly which is the reason so much time has elapsed before writing you. A letter from your sister Mary written March 22 got to me April 2 on which date I left Chicago for Northampton. She suggested that Miss Jordan could write a very effective article, but when I mentioned that to Miss Cutler she felt that it would be a mistake to ask her — for health reasons and because she happened to know that the writing Miss Jordan did about Professor Gardiner tired Miss Jor…

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…dan greatly. I hope that you or (and) Miss Pettit will like to attempt the article. I should say from 500 to 2000 words and I don’t see how you can do it for this May Quarterly for copy goes to the printer April 17. If you can get it to me by then I’ll do my best to get it in but I think all things considered the July issue is more probable. If we do that, of course this May issue would contain not only the little In Memoriam in the class notes column but also a brief editorial tribute and the promise of the later article. And for that editorial tribute I again bespeak your help. I have no details at all here and for whatever data you can send me which you think appropriate I shall be most grateful. We have of course from time to time had news of Pine Mountain in the Quarterly and as early as 1920 Ethel wrote an article called “Doings on Troublesome.” I think all Smith alumnae know something of Ethel and her work — which will be a help both to you and to me.

I hate to trouble you at a time when I know you must be worried and sad and busy but perhaps the thought that what you do for the Quarterly will quite directly be a service to Ethel and the work to which she gave her life will make the burden lighter. If you can mail the data for my note to me within a very few days I shall be most grateful.

Cordially yours,

[signed] Edith N. Hill

[zande_corresp_003.jpg] Carbon copy of typewritten letter.

May 17, 1928

Dear Miss Hill,

Have you reached any successful decision about the article about Ethel Zande in the July Quarterly? I am so much interested to know. If you have a chance, will you write me the state of things some time soon?

Very sincerely yours,

[Unsigned; initials indicate Evelyn K. Wells]

Miss Edith N. Hill
The Smith Alumnae Quarterly
College Hall
Northampton, Mass.

[zande_corresp_004.jpg] Handwritten note, page 1 of 2.

Dear E. A letter just here from Edith Hill of the Quarterly enclosing one from Miss Jordan saying she will write the article if we will send material. I have nothing here except a letter of Ethel’s May 1, 1920, which I am sending. Her address is Miss Mary Jordan, … Cottage St., New Haven.

Have you any copies of news or letters which…

[zande_corresp_005.jpg] Handwritten note, page 2 of 2.

…you could send? Please do it at once & let me know as Jordie has to have it finished by June 16. I”m writing her by this mail that I have asked you to mail material to her.

In haste,


Haven’t you pictures that could be reproduced?

[zande_corresp_006.jpg] Carbon copy of typewritten letter.

May 25, 1928

My dear Miss Jordan:

I am sending you by registered mail, a good deal of Pine Mountain literature and some photographs, to give you perhaps more of an idea of this place tha[n] you already have. Perhaps you will return them in the same way, by registered mail, since some of the copies of the literature have come out of the school files, and we want to keep those complete.

You do not know how happy we all are that the article about Ethel Zande is in your hands. If there is anything further that I can do, won’t you command me? My address till the 8th of June will be in Care of Miss A[bbie].W. Christensen, Beaufort, South Carolina, and after that, Pine Mountain. Helen deLong is here now and will write you in a few days herself.

Very sincerely yours,

[Unsigned; initials indicate Evelyn K. Wells]

Miss Mary A. Jordan
… Cottage St.
New Haven, Conn.