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CASTANEA Journal Southern Appalachian Botanical Club,
September 1959 – June 1981

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Beautiful Ferns, by Daniel Cady Eaton. 1885 WALKING-LEAF. 
PINNATIFID SPLEENWORT. Page from PMSS copy from 1885 edition. [beautiful_ferns_007.jpg]


ABOUT CASTANEA Journal Southern Appalachian Botanical Club

Issues of CASTANEA The Journal of the Southern Appalachian Botanical Club, came to Pine Mountain Settlement School Collections through the donated collections of E. J. Carr Collection. Ellwood J. Carr, a self-taught botanist who shared an enthusiasm for the work at Pine Mountain Settlement, was eager to support environmental education at the School. The journal is rich in articles related to the flora of the Central and Southern Appalachians, particularly ferns. 

Castanea began publication in 1936, and publishes work relating to all aspects of botany in the eastern United States. The journal includes scientific papers dealing with basic research in any field of plant biology.

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**A special thanks to Bronwyn Jones, a former PMSS student, for the transcription of the index for the journal during a visit she made to the School in 2019. Bronwynn, now a retired nurse, is the daughter of Dr. Tracy Jones and Florence Houghton Jones. Dr. Tracy Jones headed the Pine Mountain Settlement School Hospital [Creech Clinic] which was in operation at the School in the early years of the 1950s.


INVENTORY: CASTANEA Journal Southern Appalachian Botanical Club


September,  Vol.  24  No. 3

A Flora of Bernheim Forest,  Bullitt County, Kentucky
      Charles  R.  Gun
Leaf Variation in Liquidamber Styraciflua L.
      Wilbur H. Duncan
Carolina Hemlock____Wild and Cultivated
       R. L. James
Book Reviews


September,  Vol.  25  No.  3

Pollination and Seed Production in Shortia Galacifolia
       P.A. Davies
Algae of West Virginia; L. Mesotaeniaceae and Desmidiaceae
       Herald  D.  Bennett
The Tygart Valley Falls, West Virginia
        George E. Constable
A New Evergreen Grapefern Discovered in Johnson City County, Kentucky
         M.C. Johnson

Notes and News
Book Review


June, Vol.  27  No.  2

Synopsis of United States Boramia Including Breweria and Stylisma (Convolvulaceae)
        Lloyd H. Shinners
The First Record of the Fraser Fir
        Daniel B. Ward
Twelve Native Plants from Frederick and Shenandoah Counties, Virginia
         Lena Artz
Additional County Records for the Ferns and Fern-allies of Kentucky, II.
        Clyde F. Reed
Three new Gerardia names under Agalinis, Nomen Conservandum (Scrophulariaceae)
         Lloyd H. Shinners
Some Noteworthy Plants of Somerset County, Pennsylvania
         Dean H. Ross
New Combinations in Silphium perfoliatum (compositae)
          Robert W. Cruden
Notes and News
Book Reviews


September,  Vol. 28  No. 3

The genus Eryngium in the southeastern United States
        C. Ritchie Bell
A contribution to the Bryology of Texas
         Ronald A. Pursell and William D. Reese
Leucothoe axillaris and L. fontanesiana
         P.S. Green
Some new county distribution records of Ferns and Fern-Allies in Kentucky
         Edward T. Browne, Jr.
Henry Ney Mertz
          Elizabeth Ann Bartholomew
Book Reviews


September,  Vol.  30  No.  3

Survey of Vascular Plants in Bearcamp Creek Watershed
          C. Leland Rogers and Roy E. Shake
Mexican Beech, a variety of Fagus Grandifolia
          Elbert L. Little, Jr.
Additional County Records for “Ferns and Fern-Allies of Kentucky, III”
          Clyde F. Reed
Notes and News
Book Reviews


March,  Vol. 32  No. 1

Studying the Georgia Flora and Some Red-Letter Days in the Life of a Botanist
         Roland M. Harper
Additions to the West Virginia Flora
        Allison  W. Cusick
Contributions Toward the Revision of the Eubati of Eastern North America
         H. A. Davis, Albert M. Fuller, Tyreeca Davis
The Genus Scleria in the Southeastern United States
          John E. Fairey, III
Notes and News
Book Reviews

June,  Vol. 32  No.  2

Herbarium and Field Notes on Kentucky Plants.  I.  New State Records, Rarities and a New Form
          Edward T. Browne, Jr.
The Vascular Flora of Ship Island,  Mississippi
          G. J. Miller and S.B. Jones, Jr.
Spiranthes ovalis Lindl. Present in Tennessee
          F. G. Taylor,  Jr.
Fruit Silhouettes of Ohio Cruciferae
          Nathan William Easterly
The Vegetation of Assateague Island, Virginia
          A. M. Harvill, Jr.
Stoloniferous Canada Violets: Appalachian Status and Revised Nomenclature
          Leonard J. Uttal
Dye Plants and Dye Methods in West Virginia
          Susan M. Nicholson and Jesse F. Clovis
Notes and News
Book Reviews

September,  Vol.  32  No.  3

Algae and Associated Organisms in West Virginia Waters:  Problems and Control Measures
          C. Mervin Palmer
A Geobotanical Investigation of Chandler Mountain, St. Clair Co., Alabama
          P.E. Bostick
Collecting Blackberries in Virginia and North Carolina
          H. A. Davis and Tyreeca Davis
Buxbaumia aphylla in the Great Smoky Mountains
          Nancy L. Worley and Paul D. Olexia
Bryophytes of Cumberland Falls State Park, Kentucky
          Daniel H. Morris
Notes and News
Book Reviews


June,  Vol.  33  No.  2

A Check List of the Vascular Plants of Bullitt County, Kentucky
         Charles  R.  Gunn
A Preliminary Check List of the Compositae of Mississippi
         Louis C. Temple and Thomas M. Pulleof Smith Isln
The Vegitation of Smith Island, Virginia
         Jesse F. Clovis
Hygrohypnum closteri new to North Carolina
         Richard Zander
A Second Record of Spiranthes ovalis Lindl.  in Tennessee
         Edward W. Chester and Jonathan M. Wert
Contributions to the Flora of Florida___4, Fimbristylis(Cyperaceae)
         Daniel B. Ward
Plants New for the Virginia Piedmont and State 
         Wayne Thacker, William F. Ruska and Gwynn W. Ramsey
A Late-Glacial Pollen Record From the West Virginia-Maryland Border
         Donald D. Cox
Edward Harris, M.D.: A Biography
         William M. Leeson
The Range of Carex trichocarpa Muhl.
         Earl L. Core
Notes and News
Book Review

December,  Vol.  33  No.  4

A Flora From Proglacial Lake Monongahela
         William H. Gillespie and John A. Clendening
Ecological Observations on Some Bryophytes in Appalachian Mountain Streams
         Janice M. Glime
 Additions to the Flora of Mississippi
         Thomas M. Pullen, Samuel B. Jones, Jr., and J. Ray Watson, Jr.
Index to the Plant Distribution Maps in the Journal Castanea (1936-1967)
         Ronald L. Stuckley
New Country Records of Ferns and Fern-allies in Kentucky
         Thomas N. McCoy and Gordon E. Hunter
The Botany of Ice Mountain,  West Virginia
         Eael L. Core
Styrax grandifolia in Ilinois
         John E. Schwegman
Supplemental note to Fimbristylis of Florida
        Daniel B. Ward
Notes and News


September,  Vol.  35  No. 3

Petal venation of Ranunculus sceleratus Linn.
        M. L. Banerji and M. Mukherji
The Flora and Vegetation of Kentucky as a field for Research and Teaching
        William Meijer
Contributions Toward the Revision of the Eubati of Eastern North America VI Cuneifolii
         H. A. Davis, Albert M. Fuller, Tyreea Davis
Plants of a Mountain Bog of Southwestern Virginia
         Lytton J. Musselman
Notes and News
Book Reviews


March,  Vol.  36  No.  1

A Survey of the Freshwater Algae of Union County, Illinois
        Trevetta F. Wunderlin
Relationships of Justicieae (Acanthaceae) Based on Wood Microscopy
        P.C. Datta and R.K. Maiti
Arborescent Preference of Phoradendron flavescens
        Richard Salter
Lichens New to Tennessee
        A. C.  Skorepa
A population of Lobelia inflata L.
        Arnold Krochmal and Karyl Magee
Book Reviews

December,  Vol.  36  No.  4

A preliminary Checklist of the Flowering Plants of the Land between the Land between the Lakes
        William H. Ellis, Eugene Wofford, and Edward Chester
Periodicity of Ceratium Hirundinella (O.F.M.) Dujardin and Peridinium Cinctum (O.F.M.) Ehrenberg in Relation to Certain Ecological Factors
        Sister Lois Ann Pfiester, O.P.
Seed Descriptions of Four Common Lobelias
        Arnold Kroch and Juanita Huguely
A List of Unreported Taxa for Georgetown County, South Carolina
         Richard Stalter
The Vascular Flora of Anne Arundel County, Maryland:  An Annotated Checklist
         Michael T. Stieber, C.S.V.
Notes and News


December,  Vol.  37  No.  4

A Correction in the Naming of the Cranberry Glades in West Virginia
         David L. Edens
Records Preliminary to a Flora of Virginia
         Miles F. Johnson
Vascular Plants Previously Unreported in West Virginia
         Eugene E. Hutton
Hybridization of Veronia Acaulis and V. Noveboracensis (Compositae) in the Piedmont of North Carolina
         Samuel B. Jones, Jr.
Splachnum ampullaceum in West Virginia
         Howard Crum, Elizabeth G. Fisher and Harold C. Burtt
 Stratigraphic Placement of the Dunkard According to Palynogical Assemblages
         John A. Clendening
Gutierrezia dracunculoides New to Kentucky
         Jerry M. Baskin and Carol C. Baskin
Morphological and Phylogenetic Notes on Some Species of Ranunculus from Nepal
         M. L. Banerji  and A.K.  Mukherjee
A Few Trials of Hybridization in Euphaseolaea and Cajaneae
          P. C. Datta and Nita Saha
The Flora of Outer Otter Island, Colleton, South Carolina
          Richard Stalter
Notes and News


June,  Vol.  38  No.  2

Solidago albopilosa Braun, a little known goldenrod from Kentucky
          Marilyn L. Andreasen and W. Hardy Eshbaugh
Transplantation of Salt Marsh Vegetation II., Georgetown, South Carolina
          Richard Stalter
Preliminary Effects on Algai Succession Resulting From Nutrient Enrichment of Two Central Virginia Ponds with Different Trophic States
          H. J. Winfrey and G. L. Samsel
Coppice Forest in East-Central Illinois
          John E. Ebinger
Distributional Records for some North American Lichens
          A.C. Skorepa
The Distribution of Ohio Araliaceae
          W. Jack Kerrigan, Jr. and Will H. Blackwell, Jr.
A Mountain Disjunct hemlock Stand in the Piedmont of Virginia
           John Charles Nemeth
Plant Records for the Northern Virginia Fall Belt Counties
          Ted R. Bradley
Evaluation of Morphological Characters for Use in Identifying Loblolly Pine, Shortleaf Pine and Loblolly X Shortleaf Hybrids
          Ray R. Hicks, Jr.
New County Records of Tennessee Orchids
         Peter F. Small and Frank H. Barclay
Floristic Notes from Virginia
         Leonard J. Uttal
Leavenworthia exigua var. lutea in Tennessee Cedar GladesM.
         Jerry M. Baskin and Carol C. Baskin
The Genus Helianthemum in Virginia
        Leonard J. Uttal
Notes on Plants of Mississippi. I
         Ken E. Rogers
Book Review
Notes and News

September, Vol  No.  3

The Hybrid Nature of “Monarda media  Willd.”
         Frank E. Egler
New Records for the West Virginia Cruciferae 
         Gail Ann Corbett
The Vascular Flora of Great Falls National Park, Fairfax County, Virginia
         Susan Grimshaw and Ted R. Bradley
The Contribution by Rafinesque to the Early Botanical Exploration of Kentucky
         Willem Meijer
Phytogeography of the Virginas and the Equilibrium Concept of Landscape
          A. M. Harvill, Jr.
Log Fern(Dryopteris celsa) and Related Species in Louisiana
          R. Dale Thomas, W.H. Wagner, Jr., and Michael R. Mesler
Secondary Succession Following Fire in “Tight Holler,” Kentucky
          Thomas Herman and Marianne G. See
Vascular Plants in Spartanburg County, South Carolina, New to the State, the Carolinas or the  Southeastern United States
          Ross C. Clark, Robert W. Powell, Jr., and Conduff G. Childress, Jr.
Notes and News

December, Vol.  38  No.   4

Some New and Very Local Populations of Rare Species in Virginia
          A. M. Harvill, Jr.
Plants of Wyoming County, West Virginia
         Edsel Ray Lafferty
A quantitative Assessment of Forest Composition in an East Tennessee Mesic Slope Forest
          James N. Skeen
Trees and Shrubs of Lilley Cornett Woods, Letcher County, Kentucky
         William H. Martin and Chris Shpherd
Notes on Tennessee Plants III
          Ken E. Rogers and Frank D. Bowers  
Vegetation Survey of Some Lowland Forests Along the Wabash River
          Philip E. Phillippe and John E. Ebinger
Floristic Survey of the Thompson River Watershed
          Donna M. Eggers Ware
An Ecological Study of a Baldcypress Swamp in St. Ccahles Parish, Louisiana
          Glen N. Montz and Arthur Cherubini
A Guide for the Selection of Rare, unique and Endangered Plants
          David M. DuMond
Effect of Coal Smoke and Resulting Fly Ash on Site Quality and Radical Increment of White Oak
         Ronald B. Stemple and Earl H. Tyron
Notes and News
Book Review

1974 [Not located]


September,  Vol. 40  No. 3

Factors Affecting the Distribution  of Vegetation of Abandoned Rice Fields, Georgetown Co., South Carolina
          John Baden III, Wade T. Batson, and Richard Stalter
The Cedar Glade Flora of Bullit County, Kentucky
         Carol C. Baskin and Jerry M. Baskin
On Separating Ohio Specimens of Lindernia dubia and L. anagallidea (Scrophulariaceae)
         Tom S. Cooperrider and George A. McCready
Toward a Natural Delineation of the Area Known as the Southern Appalachian highlands
         D. S. Blauch
Plant Communities of the Irwin Prairie and Adjacent Wooded Areas
        Cynthia Ann Tryon and Nathan William Easterly
Contributions to the Flora of Florida—-7, Elephantopus, Pseudo-elephantopus(Compositae)
         Daniel B. Ward
Ferns and Other Primitive Vascular Plants of Central South Georgia
         Wayne R. Faircloth
Short Term Effects of Prolonged Backwater Flooding on Understory Vegetation
         Robert E. Noble and Patrick K. Murphy
Mississippi Flora. III.  Distribution and Identification of the Brassicaceae
         Samuel B. Jones, Jr.
Taxus canadensis Marsh.:  A New State Record for Tennessee
         Gene Gonsoulin
Notes and News
Book Review


December,  Vol. 41  No.  4

Trees and Shrubs of Robinson Forest, Breathitt County, Kentucky
         Stanley B. Carpenter and Robert L. Rumsey
Vascular Flora Along the Tygart Valley River Near Arden, West Virginia
         Eleanor M. Bush
Woody Plants of the Ocala National Forest, Florida
         Robert H. Mohlenbrock
A Note on Podostemum ceratophyllum Michx., as an indicator of Clean Streams in and around the Appalachian Mountains
          William Meijer
Stand Structure of a forest in the Cumberland Plateau of Eastern Kentucky Fifty Years after Logging and Burning
          Stanley B. Carpenter
New Stations for Tsuga canadensis in Southern Indiana
          A.T. Hotchkiss, Ronald R. Van Stockum, Jr. and Ben Van Stockum, Jr.
Additions to the Flora of Alleghany and Wilkes Counties, North Carolina
          John B. Taggart
Dissemination of Perigynia in Carex Pauciflora  
         E.E. Hutton
Woody Vegetation Surveyof a Terrace Forest in East-Central Illinois
         Randy W. Nyboer and John E. Ebinger
Plants New to South Carolina and Oconee County, from the Andrew Pickens Division of Sumter National Forest
         Robert W. Gettman
Some Ecological and Morphological Observations on Pinus Glabra Walter
        Steve C. Dial, Wade T. Batson, and Richard Stalter
Notes and News
Book Reviews

1977 [Not located]


March,  Vol.  43  No.  1

Sarracenia flava L.:  Infraspecific Variation in Eastern  North Carolina
         Donald Schnell
Swertia caroliniensis or Frasera caroliniesis?
         Paul F. Threadgill and Jerry M. Baskin
Notes on Disjunet Populations of Listera australis Lindl.  from Kentucky and Tennesse
         David H. Webb
Taxonomic Notes on Houstonia purpurea var. montana (Rubiaceae)
         Edward E. Terrell
The Vascular Flora of “The Hammock,” Dunedin, Florida
         Pierre Genelle and Glenn Fleming
The Rarity of Leavenworthia uniflora, with Special Reference to its Occurrence in Kentucky
        Jerry M. Baskin and Carol C. Baskin
Herbarium and Field Studies of Kentucky Plants . IV.  Additional State Records and Rarities From Western Kentucky
       Edward T. Browne, Jr. and Raymond Athey
Notes and News
Book Reviews

1979 [Not located]


September,  Vol.  45  No.  3

The Blue Ash-Oak Savanna—Woodland, a Remnant of Presettlement Vegetation in the Inner Bluegrass of Kentucky
         William S. Bryant, Mary E. Wharton, William H. Martin, and Johnnie B. Varner
Notes on the Biology of Sarracenia oreophila (Kearney) Wherry
         Donald E. Schnell
Woody Vegetation of an American Beech (Fagus grandifolia) Community in Eastern Texas
         E.S. Nixon, K.L. Marietta, R.O. Littlejohn, and H.B. Weyland
Rare or Overlooked? Recent Plant Collections from the Coastal Plain of South Carolina
         L.L. Gaddy and DougLas A. Rayner
The Pteridophytes of Georgia
         James C. Bruce, Samuel B. Jones, Jr., and Nancy C. Coile
Woody Vegetation  and Floristic Affinities of Mingo Wilderness Area, a Northern Terminus of Southern Floodplain Forest, Missouri
         Ralph L. Thompson
Thuja occidentalis L. and Other Noteworthy Collections From the Big South Fork of the Cumberland River in McCreary County, Kentucky
         Max E. Medley and Eugene Wofford
Notes and News
Book Review


June,  Vol.  46  No.  2

Phytoplanton Studies Within the Virginia Barrier Islands. II.  Seasonal Study of Ppytoplankton Within the Barrier Island Channels
          Harold G. Marshall, Kneeland K. Nesius, and Stephen J. Cibik
The Occurrence of Cimicifuga rubifolia Kearny in the Interior Low Plateau Province of Tennesse
          Gwynn W. Ramsey and Edward W. Chester
The Gentianaceae and Menyanthaceae of Ohio
          Barbara K. Andreas and Tom S. Cooperrider 
Vascular Flora of Sidewalk Crevices in Orangeburg, South Carolina
         Randy G. Westbrooks
Swamp Forests on High Terrace Deposits in the Bluegrass and Knobs Regions of Kentucky
         William Meijer, J.J.N. Campbell, Howard Setser and Leslie E. Meade
Observations on Late Season Pollination of Solidago canaadensis L. (Asteraceae) in Southwest Ohio
         Will H. Blackwell and Martha J. Powell
Statistical Analysis of the Flora of the Carolinas.  I.  The Carolina Spectrum
         P.E. Bostick
Some Ecological Observations of Taxodium distichum (L.)  Richard, in Delaware
        Richard Stalter
Distribution and Production of Justicia americana in the New River, Virginia
        Brian H. Hill
Notes and News
Book Reviews    

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