HISTORY PMSS Summary 1976-1977

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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HISTORY PMSS Summary 1976-1977

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History of the Pine Mountain Settlement School

Staff Members:

Rod Belser, E. E. (E E Director, Jan – May, 1977)
Alvin Boggs, Director
Boyd Boggs, Maintenance
Chris Boggs, Maintenance
Deborah Boggs, West Wind
Mae Boggs, Laurel House
Matthew Boggs, Night Watchman
Ruth Boggs, Bookkeeper
Gerry Brown, West Wind Hostess, Laurel House
Asbel Browning, Maintenance
Lorraine Browning, Laurel House
Jess Cornett, Maintenance
Afton Garrison, E. E. staff
Alice Harris, Laurel House
Sandra Lewis, Office Secretary
Omer Lewis, Maintenance Supervisor & Farm Manager
Pam McKee, E. E.
Steve McKee, E. E. Director
Marlyn Smith, Maintenance
Mary Rogers, Librarian, E. E.
Mildred Wilder, Laurel House
Burton Rogers, Director Emeritus, Correspondence with donors
Alvin Boggs, Director

Traditional Events: Community Fair, Nativity Play

Interns: Rembrance Chipman, Alice Funk (Fall-Spring ‘77), Harriet Littell (Spring ’77), Ellen Manning (Spring 77), Ann Sicilian (Spring ‘77)


January term for college students.

Interns in the Environmental Education program worked as apprentice staff members, observing and then teaching classes, setting up looms, serving meals, working on trails, typing, preparing exhibits, etc.

Volunteer work groups stained buildings, helped with crops, prepared the swimming pool, helped to clear the sheep pasture, etc.

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Page 2, 1976-77

The Harlan County Poke Salad Festival was held at Pine Mountain in June.

The farm program, assisted by a new tractor, produced more than 100 bushels of tomatoes, 200 gallons of sorghum molasses, corn, beans, cantaloupes, peppers, potatoes, onions, broccoli, cauliflower, lettuce, etc., and beef. The abundant garden yield was achieved without the use of commercial fertilizer.

PMSS hosted meetings of the Kentucky Nature Conservancy, Girl Scouts and Brownie troops, a Kentucky Humanities Council Workshop on granting civil rights to natural objects, and a Comprehensive Health Care patients’ camp. PMSS sponsored workshops on Medical Botany and Edible Botany, a Spinning Bee, two Wildflower Weekends and a Fall Color Weekend.

The August Homecoming brought together at least 450 people. Alumnus John Deaton and Judge Allender were elected to the Board of Trustees.

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