RECORD Pine Mountain Settlement School 03 – 1914-1915

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 03: Histories
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Series 10: Built Environment

RECORD Pine Mountain Settlement School 03 – 1914-1915

Note that some names and details have been expanded or alphabetized for clarity.


Old Log House Built, cost $605.58
Laurel House begun
Tool House built, cot $274.00
4000 feet of box ditching put in on farm
Pole House built, cost, $256.53
Far House begun
Big Log House finished, cost $5,258.00


Miss Harriet Bradner
Miss Ruth Bradner
Miss Evelyn  Buchan
Miss Marguerite Butler
Miss Celia Cathcart
Miss Ethel de Long
Dr. Blanch Epler
Miss Ruth Gaines
Miss Helen Hannon
Mrs. Ella C. Light
Miss Margaret Lincoln
Dr. Helen Little
Miss Ethel McCullough
Miss Angela Melville
Miss Florence Olds
Miss Katherine Pettit
Miss Dorothy Phillips
Miss Elisabeth Roettinger
Miss Wilmer Stone
Miss NellieWatkins
Mr. Luigi Zande


Capacity,  33.
Vacancy, 5


First appropriation for Road, made by County Fiscal Court, $5,000 dollars