ANNA ANDERSON Correspondence

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 19: Students
Series 09: Staff/Personnel

ANNA ANDERSON Correspondence 1938-1939

ANNA ANDERSON CORRESPONDENCE displays photographic images of Anna Anderson‘s letters, for the most part between her and then Director Glyn Morris. Anna was a student at the Pine Mountain Settlement School from 1934 to 1937. She remained at the School as a staff member, teaching weaving at Big Laurel Medical Settlement until 1939.

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GALLERY – Anna Anderson Correspondence

TRANSCRIPTION – Anna Anderson Correspondence

[NOTE: Letters have been slightly edited in transcription. The order of the transcribed letters is chronological and may not correspond to the order of the images.]

[P1110142.jpg] Prescription blank from Dr. Clark Bailey, Harlan, Kentucky, with handwritten entry.

This is to certify that I have examined Anna Anderson and find her in good health and free from infections and contagious diseases.
[signed] Clark Bailey, 1-15-38

[P1110173.jpg] Handwritten note.

March 3, 1938

Dear Mr. & Mrs. Morris:

We wish to contribute $3.00 for the purpose of buying curtains for Laurel House living room.
With Sincere Regards,
from Chloe & Anna

[P1110175.jpg] Carbon copy of typewritten letter.

March 3rd, 1938

Dear Chloe and Anna:
It is thoughtful of you to give a gift of three dollars to Pine Mountain with which to buy curtains for Laurel House living room. We are grateful to you for this gift.
Cordially yours,

[P1110152.jpg] Carbon copy of typewritten letter.

Nov. 1st, 1938

Dear Chloe and Ann:
Mr. Morris would like to know if you have sent the weavings to Miss Hess yet. Just drop me a card.

Thanks for the “Dye Pot and Loom” announcements or what ever you call them. They are very interesting. I’ll try to drop them where they will do the most good. —-
[Typewritten at bottom of page: “Misses Anna Anderson and Chloe Smith, Big Laurel, Kentucky”]

[P1110155.jpg] Carbon copy of typewritten letter.

November 10, 1938

Miss Anna Anderson
Medical Settlement
Dye Pot & Loom
Big Laurel, Kentucky

Dear Anna:

Mr. Lay called yesterday on the telephone and asked us to get word to you to go to Middlesboro Monday to register and to stop by his office on the way to see if there were others who wanted to go with you so you could all share the expense.

Hope you can straighten out the above [i]nvolved sentence.


[P1110158.jpg] Carbon copy of typewritten note.

November 16 [17?], 1938

Dear Ann and Chloe:

This is just a little note to see if  Joan [Ayers] put you straight or told you about the curtain material which Miss [Margaret] Motter wants. If there are any questions in your minds about it, just drop me a line.

[P1110160.jpg] Carbon copy of typewritten note.

February 8, 1939

Dear Anna and Chloe:

Mr. Morris is going on a publicity trip to New England beginning February 20th and ending March 13th. He would like to have a dozen of your loveliest pieces to take along with the possibility that he will be able to get orders for you.

Best wishes,

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