EVENTS May Day 1941

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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May Day 1941

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EVENTS May Day 1941

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There is no program available for the 1941 May Day festivities at Pine Mountain Settlement School. However, there is a lively account of the preparation for the annual event in the May 1941 Pine Cone. The notice of the upcoming event is detailed below:

The tinkling of bells and the waving of kerchiefs produced by a group of Morris dancers early in the morning will open the May Day festivities on Saturday, May 3. All day the campus will be dotted with visitors who will gather from surrounding communities for the celebration. The seniors will be in charge of the refreshments which will be sold.

If the weather permits, the guests will enjoy exhibition dances by the students on the Far House dancing green during the afternoon. A great variety of dances will be done this year, but the American dances such as “Lady Walpole’s Reel” and “Portland Fancy” and Danish dances such as “Danish Country Dance” seem to be student favorites. There will be no class dances but general dances with a few special sets.

Miss Winnie Christensen, who has been in charge of May Day for some time, has brought with her this year many new dances which have won the hearty approval of the students. The dancers consider themselves fortunate to have an authority such as Miss Christensen with them each spring to teach better appreciation of the fine art of folk dancing.

Pine Mountain is known for its folk dancing, and visitors who come to observe this tradition find it true to the old English custom. The tunes are lively and the dancers are flushed and happy as they dance the rhythmic figures, girls dressed in light spring prints and boys in white.

—-Written by Eleanor Ayers for the May 1941 issue of the PINE CONE; Also printed in CONIFER, May 1941.

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