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Pine Mountain Settlement School
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MAUDE HOLBROOK Correspondence

Student Records – 1934-1941
Correspondence – August 8, 1936 – March 28, 1940

PMSS Student 1934-1936
Housemother at Big Log & Practice House 1936
Dietitian 1938-1940
Member and Officer, Association of Pine Mountain Alumni & Friends 1970s

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Maude Holbrook Correspondence.

Maude Holbrook, c. 1936. [holbrook_m_bio_008.jpg]


When Maude Holbrook graduated from Pine Mountain Settlement School in 1936 she received a medal for best student citizenship from the Daughters of the American Revolution. Miss Holbrook continued on with her good work at the School as housemother, homemaking teacher, and dietitian from 1936 until 1940.

Featured below are images of her student records and correspondence, accompanied by lists of the documents’ contents.

CONTENTS: MAUDE HOLBROOK Correspondence – Student Records 1932-1941

[NOTE: The following list of contents is in chronological order and not necessarily in order of the image numbers.]


[005] through [005e] N.D. MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY
[005] Cover page. Maude Holbrook.
Prepared by the Southern Woman’s Educational Alliance, …, Richmond, Virginia.
[005a] NO IMAGE
[005b] I. Facts about Myself: Born: 1913, 7 November, at Linefork… II. My Family: Father is Ben F. Holbrook, 46 years old, born in Letcher County, …completed 8 grades…. Mother’s maiden name is Cornett, 43 years old, born in Letcher Co., completed 8 grades….
[005c] …Magazines: The Southern Agriculturist, Mountain Eagle, Youth’s Companion. Musical instruments: Victrola, banjo…. IV. My Education: …attended Coyle Branch and Pine Mountain…. [After 12th grade] I would like to take 3 years in nursing [and] business….
[005d] V. …My Interests: Read books, play games, hike, and relax. Reading: Classical story books, current events, and poetry. Studies: English, Mathematics, History. [Future] occupations: nursing, business, teacher (school)
[005e] … VII. Group Contacts: 4H Club, 2 years. … When I finish school, I would like to live in “a town” because I would like best to practice my work in town.

[002] November 18, 1932. STUDENT APPLICATION BLANK for Maude Holbrook, Gilley, Ky.
Born: Nov. 5, 1932 (sic, 1913), Linefork
School last attended: Coyle Branch, 1931, located in Gilley, Letcher Co. ….
Parents: Mr. and Mrs. Ben. F. Holbrook …
Father’s occupation: Farming ….

[006] November 23, 1932. To Superintendent or Principal, Coil (sic) Branch, Gilley, Kentucky from Emily Frank, Principal, on Pine Mountain Settlement School letterhead. Requests “information relative to her school work.” The response was in the form of a handwritten note at the bottom of the page; “This girl I cannot give you my information because I have never had her in my classes, but I do know her and I think she is capable of doing exceedingly good work. [illegible signature].”

1933, 1934

[003] May 4, 1933. STUDENT APPLICATION BLANK for Maude Holbrook, Gilley, (Letcher County), Ky.
Born: November 1913, Linefork
School last attended: Pine Mt. S.S., 1933 …
Ready to enter: 10th ….

[004] May 7, 1934. STUDENT APPLICATION BLANK for Maude Holbrook, Gilley, Ky,
Born: November 5, 1912 (sic), Linefork, Letcher County
School last attended: Pine Mt., 1933, 34 ...
Ready to enter: 11th ….

[007] August 15, 1934. To Glyn Morris from Maude, providing dates of her return to Pine Mountain in August.

[008] December 26, 1934. To Mr. Ben F. Holbrook, Gilley, KY, from Glyn Morris, Director, explaining that the school has replaced report cards with letters. “…Maud’s (sic) school work is good, her industrial work is good and her attitude is a fine one. We are glad to have her at Pine Mountain and hope that you will give her a word of encouragement.”

1935, 1936

[001] May 9, 1935. STUDENT APPLICATION BLANK for Maude Holbrook, Gilley, (Letcher County), Kentucky
Born: November 1913, Gilley, KY
School last attended: Pine Mountain – high school, 1935
Ready to enter: 12th grade

[009] May 29, 1935.To Mr. Ben Holbrook, Line Fork, KY, from [unsigned], reporting on Maude’s work at school during the past year. “Her grades have been fair and good throughout the year….she is ready for the 11th grade…. Maude is a very capable girl as an industrial worker and she has exhibited at all times a splendid attitude toward her work and toward the school.”

[018] October 28, 1935 through March 12, 1936. A chronological list of notes taken (possibly by the School Counselor) after meetings with Maude Holbrook. “10-29-35 – Good work in her academic work during the first six weeks in spite of a prolonged stay at the Infirmary with diphtheria. … Maud (sic) is popular in a quiet way both with workers and students for her fine disposition, her reliability, fairness, and intelligent behavior.She is active in evening activities – in Glee Club and Choir, Community reporter for the Pine Cone and a member of the Citizenship Committee. … Her sincerity of purpose and common sense attitude are illustrated by the fact that she decided to come back to school after having left the grade school for 3 or 4 years. This summer she was tutored in Geometry by Mr. Stapleton…. (Now 22 years old.) Hoping for College although short financially. Planning on Nurse training….

[010] May 9, 1936. To Maude Holbrook from [unsigned] on PMSS letterhead. A confirmation (signed by Maude) of her plans “to stay at Pine Mountain from May 17-30, … leave for five weeks, returning on July 5 for the rest of the summer. During this time you are to work on your debt.”

[011] May 9, 1936. To Arthur Dodd, from Adelaide Gundlach, Registrar, Berea (KY) College. Refers to Dodd’s May 8th letter; explains how applicants from unaccredited schools are handled by the Registrar’s office and the Nurses Training School. Praises PMSS’s complete school records and “the aims that you have set for your high school. … It is splendid that Miss Holbrook is to serve at Pine Mountain next year.”

[012] May 11, 1936. To Dodd from Mrs. Nan Cox Hare, Supt., College Hospital, Berea College. Refers to Dodd’s letter and that of Miss Gundlach. “I probably deserve all the criticism that you gave in the letter, but for this year I do not see how else I could have handled my applications any differently. I quite agree with you that the applicants should have told their fate in February or March.” She explains that the school had two epidemics that occupied much of her time and that Berea faces “ever increasing educational requirements in the training school. … I am very sorry that I was not here and didn’t get to meet you and Miss Holbrook….”

1938, 1941

[013] February 19, 1938. To Miss Holbrook at Pine Mountain, KY, from Ata Lee, Supervisor, Home Economics Education. Suggests that she apply to Berea College, “[s]ince “you want your home economics work to prepare you mainly for doing practice cottage work and since you have not yet had any college work….”

[014] [No day/month], 1941.To PMSS from Maude Holbrook. A form requesting that a transcript of her credits be sent to Kentucky State College, Frankfort, KY, “in order that I may be admitted to the evening school program.”

[015] September 1941. Community Group Schedule and Courses of Study. Group B. A table showing studies for Monday through Friday. Theme: “Man’s Social Responsibilities.” A paragraph describes the program as consisting of “your total educational experience at Pine Mountain for the coming year.” Explains how the program is organized.
[016] DUPLICATE OF [015]
[017] DUPLICATE OF [015]

[019] through [024a] SCHOOL RECORDS
[NOTE: Images of the full set of student records are considered private material and are not generally publicly displayed. Their access may be provided on request, pending approval of Pine Mountain Settlement School and the archivist of the PMSS Collections. Contact the main PMSS Office for information.]

GALLERY: MAUDE HOLBROOK Correspondence – Student Records 1932-1941

CONTENTS: MAUDE HOLBROOK Correspondence 1936-1940

NOTE: Letters in the Collections from Pine Mountain Settlement School staff were carbon copies of typewritten documents. The carbon copies, unsigned, were kept in the PMSS Office files and the signed original letters were sent to the correspondents. Maude Holbrook’s letters were typewritten and are original.

[001] n.d.
“List of Books” about home-making.

[002] Aug 8, 1936
[unsigned, probably Glyn Morris, Director] to Holbrook in Gilley, KY: Informs Holbrook that she has been awarded the National Society Daughters of the American Revolution medal for best all-around citizenship among the students. (Mountain Trail Chapter in Harlan).

[003] Aug 12, 1936
Holbrook on “The Cabin” stationery to Morris: Thanks staff for the DAR Citizenship medal.

[004] Jan 06, 1938
Prescription form signed by Dr. Clark Bailey in Harlan, KY, for Holbrook, affirming her good physical condition.

[005] Mar 07, 1938
[unsigned] Memo to Holbrook praising the good dinner at Practice House, a tribute to her as a teacher.

[007] Mar 28, 1940
Holbrook to Mr. [Arthur] Dodd: Acknowledging receipt of “check for coverage of fire losses on a pro-rata basis.”

[008] n.d.
Photograph of Maude Holbrook, c. 1936.
[009] n.d.
Reverse side of photograph: “Maude Holbrook”; from Genungs Photographic Studios, Mt. Vernon, NY.

GALLERY: MAUDE HOLBROOK Correspondence – 1936-1940

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