100 PHOTOGRAPHS X Workers Pine Mountain Settlement School Part 3 singles

Pine Mountian Settlement School

100 X WORKERS Pine Mountian Settlement School
Part 3

1913 – 1980s

100 X WORKERS Pine Mountain Settlement School Part 3

The following 100 X WORKERS Pine Mountain Settlement School Part 3 contains photographs of individuals who worked at Pine Mountian Settlement School. Most of the individuals worked from the late 1940s  through the 1980s at Pine Mountain. In these later years, the school was engaged in the development of an Environmental Education program for students in the K-12 age range as well as special programs for adults. Mary Rogers was instrumental in the creation of the programs and helped to guide many of the activities that were part of the new environmental focus for the school. Ben Begley was appointed to head the program in 1986. Many of the interns who were recruited for the Environmental Education program are depicted in the photographs.

Throughout the gallery, the photographs are somewhat random with regard to date. The original random order of the images has been retained. Use the search feature on this page to locate individuals.

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