JASPER and DELPHIA DAY Correspondence

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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Jasper and Delphia Day Correspondence
PMSS Launderers 1941

JASPER and DELPHIA DAY Correspondence
November 1941

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“Aunt Polly” (Mary Ann Shell Day) and the Jasper Days.” Man (Jasper Day) with Mrs. Day with two children, standing outside with log structure to the far right. Photograph before 1917. [FN Vl_35_1144a.jpg]


[1] N.D. Carbon copy of typewritten contract between Pine Mountain Settlement School, Incorporated and Mr. and Mrs. Jasper Day, who were engaged as school launderers from November 1, 1941 through June 30, 1942. The couple would receive $40.00 per month for their services. They agreed to the duties of the position, which were to do all laundry, keep the laundry clean and tidy, iron shirts for boys and workers, and workers’ dresses in the summer. The contract states that PMSS “will not assume any liability for personal injury of either employee, beyond what it feels is a just compensation. The undersigned waive any right whatsoever for recourse to law.” Signed by Jasper Day and Barbara Spelman [PMSS Secretary]. Notation in margin: “Contract void – fired 11/21/41”

[2] N.D. Carbon copy of typewritten agreement between the Days and PMSS concerning regulations in connection with the work of the Days, “with the hope of making the laundry service better for all concerned:” (1) Lists the order in which the laundry will be washed. (2) Lists the only persons allowed to use the Laundry (the ironing girl and Mrs. [August] Angel, who has special baby laundry). (3) Describes the Infirmary laundry needs. (4) States the policy for laundering blankets, quilts, and mattress pads. (5) The Days must have Mrs. Morris’s written permission to do extra laundry. (6) All laundry must be delivered in bags and labeled. (7) Lines in back of Laurel House must be clear on Mondays for laundry. (8) The Laundry must be kept locked when not in use.

[3] N.D. Handwritten letter To Mrs. Marsh and Miss Spelman, signed “Jasper Day [and] Delphia C. Day.” Jasper indicates that he will come to the Office to work on their contract with PMSS, “for I have worked long enough now to know just how I want the contract made… [and] just how the Laundry is to be done from start to finish.”

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