EGRE MANNING Correspondence

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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Egre Manning Correspondence

EGRE MANNING Correspondence, January 25, 1933 – July 11, 1934
PMSS Student 1928-1932; Assistant Farmer, 1932-1933

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CONTENTS: Egre Manning Correspondence

1933-01-25 Glyn Morris to Dr. Frank C. Foster, Dean, Tusculum College in Greeneville, TN, regarding Egre Manning’s farm work at Pine Mountain. Morris asks for assistance from Tusculum College in enrolling him with a paying job.* 001
1933-03-18 Frank C. Foster to Glyn Morris regarding his request to provide assistance in enrollment of Egre Manning in Tusculum College. Offers hope but no confirmation of assistance.” 002
1933-03-22 Glyn Morris to Frank C. Foster regarding Egre Manning ; suggests that PMSS could help Tusculum with their printing needs and possibly offer a good deal on the price of paper.* 003
1933-03-25 Frank C. Foster to Glyn Morris regarding a potential bid on printing for Tusculum. The Asheville Farm School had been contacted but the cost of mailing their finished product ate into the reduced price for their work. Foster agrees to send information about PMSS printing to their bursar. He notes that the cost of letterhead stationery for Tusculum is $2.50 per 1000. * 004
1933-09-15 Glyn Morris to Frank G. Foster regarding Egre Manning. Morris notes that Manning received an acceptance letter from Tusculum but the letter arrived after Manning received admittance to Nashville Agricultural Normal Institute. Morris is writing for Manning who explained that his decision was based on his desire to major in agriculture and Nashville was a better program. Manning expressed gratitude through Morris for the Tusculum consideration. Discussion by Morris on the changes to PMSS curriculum toward “practical training” * 005
1933-09-25 Morris to Frank C. Foster. Tusculum College requesting a visit to PMSS in order to consult. Morris says it is a better trip to PMSS than it is to Ashville [sic]. Morris says, “It is a beautiful drive, and may I venture to say that you will have a better time here than at Ashville. Ashville is in civilized country. Here we are in the mountains.”  006
1934-07-11 Glyn Morris to Ezra L. Gillis, Registrar, University of Kentucky, Lexington, Ky. Gives an introduction to Egre Manning and asks for consideration and assistance for him to take special courses in sociology, explaining that Manning’s interests shifted following a brief stay in Denmark to Folk School culture and agriculture.  007

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