HISTORY PMSS Summary 1999-2000

Pine Mountain Settlement School
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HISTORY PMSS Summary 1937-2000

HISTORY PMSS Summary 1999-2000

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History of the Pine Mountain Settlement School, 1999-2000

Staff Members:

Dorothy Ashley, Laurel House
Harless Barton, Maintenance
Ben Begley, E.E. Director
Pat Begley, E.E.
Matthew Boggs, Maintenance
Asbel Browning, Farm and Maintenance
Lorraine Browning, Laurel House
Debra Callahan, Secretary
Clella Cook, Intervention Teacher
Paul Creech, Maintenance
Mary Dresser, E.E.
Helen Harris, Laurel House
Omeda Holbrook, Intervention Teacher
Judy Lewis, Community Coordinator
Mildred Mahoney, Office/Library Volunteer
Sarah McIlquham, Laurel House
David Shepherd, Maintenance
Verna Mae Shepherd, Intervention Teacher
Wanda Shepherd, Laurel House
Roxie Sumpter, Intervention Teacher
Faye Turner, Bookkeeper
Roger Turner, Maintenance
Sophia Turner, Laurel House
Robin Lambert, Director


Justine Townsend, Fall
Nicole Alberino, Fall
Stephanie Loucks, Fall

Number of Students: 

Traditional Events:

Fall Color Weekend
Nativity Play
Wildflower Weekend
Black Mountain Wildflower Weekend
Fair Day

Other Events:

Community Children’s Day Camp
H.S. Day Camp
Intervention Day Camp
Schuyler Robinson, University of Kentucky organist, presented an organ recital on September 17 in honor of Director Emeritus Burton Rogers. It was preceded by a gourmet dinner, prepared and served by PMSS staff. During the recital intermission, Burton Rogers rededicated the historic PMSS Holtkampt-Miller organ.

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The family of the late Henry and Delia Creech established a memorial fund. Its income is to provide scholarship assistance for qualified local students to participate in PMSS educational programs.
Summer Day Camps for Younger and Teen Age Children, Intervention students.
Weekly Little School for 4 and 5-year-olds.
PMSS received the Organizational Leadership Award from the Eastern Kentucky Leadership Conference.
A highly successful “Symposium on Settlements in the Southern Mountains”, co-sponsored by PMSS. Hindman Settlement School, Kentucky Arts Council and Kentucky Humanities Council was held at PMSS, June 7-10, 2000, with around 70 attendees.

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