HALL FAMILY Reunion August 29, 1948

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Hall Family Red Booklet. Hall Family Reunion, 1949. [hall_booklet0004.jpg]

HALL FAMILY Reunion August 29, 1948

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The following information is derived from a tape provided to Hall, Brashear, Ritchie and other descendants of the Hall family of Viper, Kentucky. The tapes were provided to Fern Hall [Hayes] with the following accompanying information inscribed “Susan Hall copy of tapes.”

HALL REUNION August 29, 1948

Welcoming Address                          – Russell Ingram
Opening Remarks                             – Raleigh Hall
Prayer                                                 – Uncle Henry Ingram
Basket Lunches at Hall Reunions  – Jean Ritchie
“Charlie”, “Rola Trudhom”              – Jean Ritchie and Girls (Virginia, Liz Anne, Dulcinia Brashear
John Henry Hall                                 – Virginia Brashear
“Home on the Range”                      – (Conchita Brashear, Virginia Brashear, Dulcinia Brashear,                                                                        Bobby J. Engle, Clara Jo Hoskins, Jean Ritchie)
20 Years Experience as Secretary  – John M. Hall
Christopher Columbus Hall            – Genevieve Hall
Lucinda Ingram                                – Harold McIntosh
Elizabeth Branson Hall                    – Uncle Henry Ingram
Glory Halleluia                                  – Audience
Poor Wayfaring Stranger                – Eleanor Hall, voice, Lorraine Hall, piano
Piano Music
Nervesta Singleton                          – Claudine Brashear

SIDE B  cont.


P.W. Hall                                           – Dreyfus Brashear


Visits with the Audience
Visits Continued
Singing and Prayer


Songs Led by Jimmy Hall


Jimmy  Hall Singing at Dulcinias’ Wedding


The following is a transcription of the two-track recording index of the 48th Hall Reunion held in Viper, Kentucky, on August 29, 1948.

HALL FAMILY Reunion August 29, 1948: TRACK I

History of the Reunion


Short story of activities at previous Reunions told with humor by Jean Ritchie [?].

Brashear sisters sing “Lolly Toodum.”

Grandpa Hall (P.W. Hall?) Lost his first wife and went to see Sally Cornett and later married her. Tales of his life. Includes Mary Ann and Philip story about Coon Hunting. Aunt Abby [Abigail Hall Ritchie] is the mother of the Ritchie children. Aunt Abby married Bailus Ritchie.

Song: “Oh Give Me a Home [Where the Buffalo Roam]”

Secretary of the Hall Reunion Report:

More history of the Reunion. The disappearance of beech trees at Viper. Panoramic picture at the first Hall Reunion. John Hall Jr. Bible once displayed. One time Uncle Ira Combs spoke at the reunion. Bradley, a North Carolina Hall, was discussed. “War years found of us [reunion] at lowest ebb. House of Hall is now third generation.

Youngest child of P.W. Hall was Columbus Hall who married Dulcina. He won many friends. He was a merchant and many friends. Story told about him telling jokes … putting wrong end of cigar in mouth. Was a Republican. Had 13 children. First Post Office at Jeff. Was later a Baptist.

3-minute talk by Grandson of Lucinda Hall. She was an optimistic person …magnetic personality. Was not dogmatic about religion, but taught us much and sung old hymns. She would comfort herself by singing hymns. Remembers popcorn at fireplace and singing. Was very steadfast in her religion and slowly went blind before she died.

Branson Hall‘s wife, Betty. Bore 10 children. Was not strong in body, but was strong in spirit. Was the Queen of the family in managing the Guest Hotel. She entertained many in the home. She loved to feed people. Had a “lazy-susan” table that would turn to serve people [table “” not found /]
  They read a lot. Had an old-fashioned well with good water. Called all her children together when she died.

Song: “Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the [Coming of the] Lord … Glory, Glory Hallelujah, Glory, Glory … His truth is marching on ….”

Piano plays. A woman sings: “I Am a Poor Wayfaring Stranger …”

Piano plays. A classical selection.

Awards to those who have served the community. Given to Bessie Singleton, Will Singleton‘s wife (now dead) was given award posthumously. She was sick at the end of her life. Remembering her with this award of service to others and service to God.


History of the Hall family … mentions the periods of history that the Halls have persisted. 1838 P.W Hall came to Hazard. John Hall Sr. was of Scotch blood (Scotch-Irish). 15 of July 1776. First Hall, 1823, P.W. Hall born. John Hall fell from a house in Powell Valley and died. Ezekiel Hall 1800. Elizabeth Whisman born on a ship. She was of Dutch ancestry. Etc. … Slabtown Hollow property bought by Zeke [Ezekiel]  Hall.

Girls singing: “Jesus Saviour …. ”

Open microphone with Reunion members. Wife of Columbus Hall and Columbus Hall remembered. Man came up to Viper by train and saw all those good-looking Halls. I talked to Eli Hall and I went home with him and found himself a wife. Married Cora. Checked out the wine cellar of Eli Hall. The women: “The older they are the better looking they are ….” Tale of a horseback ride to Viper from Berea. “First time she got on the hill, …” Dr. McLaine story. Irene and Columbus Hall …. had a time at Hindman School. First time I went to Grandpa Hall’s and rode up the creek on horse and got off and was very stiff when I got off (about 5 miles). Horse stepped on my mother …. crippled her up. Bringing pea-fowls to this country (peacocks? or guinea hens?). What is taking place on Hall Mountain today. “Family had to go to the Salt Works and sheltered under the cliff during a storm and broke a pitcher and a bowl.” Hall who only missed one Hall Reunion in 35 years.

Song: … “The Coming of the Lord …. His Truth is Marching On …”

Song with organ accompaniment: “Amazing Grace” First and last verse.

Prayer. Remembers those who have passed on.

Group singing: “Listen to my Song …. (clapping)”

Song with organ – male voice: Prayer -“Our Father Who Art in Heaven” (probably a record recording)


HALL FAMILY Photographs

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