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CREECH LETTERS 1922 [2 letters]

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May 3, 1922. Anne Pavey to Mrs. Sally Creech

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Letterhead on Anne Pavey‘s letter to Mrs. Creech displays her address in Frankfort, MI. She explains her delay in writing, then makes arrangements concerning a quilt that Mrs. Creech is sewing for her. She reminisces about Pine Mt., writes about the weather, her enjoyment of the lake, Miss Somerton’s health, and her dog. She mentions having Rebecca Margaret of Pine Mt. School for the summer and her hopes for her. She enjoyed the trip and Knoxville conference. She is glad to be a housekeeper now in her own home and doesn’t miss being a teacher or traveler; wishes Mrs. Creech could visit.

May 17, 1922. Martha P. Swinnerton to Mrs. Sally Creech

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Martha Swinnerton writes from Gilley, KY, in response to Mrs. Creech’s letter. She makes arrangements to go out with Mr. Creech in June. She regrets that she can’t stay for a visit as she is still weak.

May 3, 1922. Anne Pavey to Mrs. Sally Creech

May 3, 1922. Anne Pavey to Mrs. Sally Creech

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May 3 – 1922.

My dear Mrs. Creech

Your letter written Apr. 19th came before I did as I was detained in Cincinnati over a week. The friend who was to come with me was taken ill. Since our arrival here a week ago last Saturday I have been so busy caring for my house and my family that letters have been neglected.

About the green, I will inclose (sic) $1.00 and can send as much of it as necessary to get the amount of cloth you will need to finish the quilt. Send money and sample in the inclosed envelope with about 4 cts. postage and have them send the goods to you. It was bought in Asheville as you see. I hope they can match it. If If they cannot and you can make the…

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…quilt the proper size for a single or three quarter bed do it.

I am sorry I did not send enough but I reckoned the two colors would work up about evenly. I know it will be beautiful when done. I shall be anxious to see it. Send it on with your bill and I will remit at once.

School is out at Pine Mt. I thought of it Monday and wondered what kind of weather you were having. It is beginning to be spring like here. The buds are just opening and a few flowers are out. A warm rain to-day has made a great difference.

I am busy out of doors trimming up bushes and trees — many of which were badly broken by a great ice storm in Feb — many. Some trees are ruined. I lost two big trees and the tops of many fine firs — our most beautiful trees. The hemlocks, spruce pines you call them, were not broken.

Our joy here is the big lake and it has been so beautiful every sunshiny day. The…

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…water is deep blue and the waves sparkle in the sunshine. Ships pass frequently so we have something of interest to see. Our beach of pure white sand is over a hundred feet wide — a lovely place for children to play.

Isn’t it too bad that Miss Somerton is so poorly. I am afraid her trip out with Betsy was too much but she wanted to do it. I am sure Betsy and I are both grateful to her for we do love each other. She is so dear when I start off anywhere, trotting ahead and acting so proud to go. To-day she got into trouble — tackled a porcupine and came home with her nose full of quills. We are having a hard time getting them out.

I am glad you have a dog. It is lots of…

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…company and a really useful creature in the country.

You will know by the time this reaches you that Rebecca Margaret of Pine Mt. School is coming to be with me this summer. I am so glad to have the chance to help her for I am sure she will “make good”. I hope she can go on and accomplish what she wants to.

My trip was delightful. I saw so many interesting places and met many fine people. The conference at Knoxville was excellent.

Now I am a housekeeper instead of a teacher or traveller and I find I am very glad to be one. It means I am at home, my home, which means much to me. I wish you could bring your quilt work and come and spend a month with me. Wouldn’t we have a fine visit?

My kindest regards to Mr. Creech and the children.
Sincerely yours —
Anne Pavey.

May 17, 1922. Martha P. Swinnerton to Mrs. Sally Creech

May 17, 1922. Martha P. Swinnerton to Mrs. Sally Creech

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Gilley, Letcher Co., Ky.
May 17, 1922

My dear Mrs. Creech:-

I received your letter Sunday & am sorry that Mr. Creech can’t go out with me the first day of June but am willing to visit until the third if he can go then rather than try to find some one else. I will be ready to start at any time he says in the morning as I can rest at Mrs. Hopkins at Poor Fork until train time. Miss Medcalf says it is practically no farther to Poor Fork than to Chad[?] so we may as well ride to Poor Fork where there will be a comfortable place to wait.

I thank you very much for your kind invitation to visit you before leaving but now that I have decided to go home I feel…

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…that I want to get there as quickly as possible. I haven’t gained strength as fast as I hoped to so think it would be unwise to make a trip to Pine Mt. before going out as that trip is always a hard one for me anyway.

I have planned to get a through ticket from Poor Fork to Boston & to go the quickest & easiest way so that will not allow me any stop over anywhere.

Please thank your mother & father for their invitation to stop there. If i were feeling like myself I would like to visit along all the way home but do not think I would be very good company just now.

I do hope that you will get a chance to come over here before I go but if you shouldn’t, I shan’t be beyond the reach of letters & I shall hope to hear from you occasionally.

i am sorry to see this rain today for I know it just delays the planting again & everybody is trying so hard to get through.

Must close now, hoping to see you soon.

Your loving friend
Martha P. Swinnerton

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