Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series 4-A: Pine Mountain Settlement School History – Creech Family

1935 Creech Family Letters: February 15, 1935. Douglas Rengger to Henry Clay Creech. [1 page 004]


D. Rengger from Louisville, KY, praises Mr. Creech’s November 18, 1934, reply to Miss Wells as strong and to the point. He advises that Creech should ignore the subject in any future letters until a more suitable opportunity occurs. He mentions Miss Robbins, Rosalie, the flu, his amateur shows, Mrs. Speed, Elsie and Malcolm, and Mrs. Creech.




D. Rengger to H.C. Creech, 15 Feb 1935, one page. [creech_004.jpg]


1518 South Third St.,
Feb. 15, 1935.

Dear Mr. Creech,

Many thanks for your letter with enclosures, which I am returning herewith.

I consider your reply of November 18, 1954, to Miss Wells, a splendid one; undoubtedly a much better reply than I could have written, as it is much stronger and particularly emphasises (sic) the needful points. You are quite right, there is nothing to answer in her last letter. In fact, I would advise you to absolutely ignore this subject in any of your further letters, even though Miss Wells persists in bringing the matter up. Accept her statement, in her letter of January 10th, “we all realize that letters are poor things to get matters cleared up,” and do not have anything more to say upon this subject. You made yourself quite clear in your last letter to her, and it is useless, as she agrees, to carry on this controversy by correspondence. So let’s close the door on it until a more suitable opportunity occurs.

Miss Robbins advises me that Rosalie is recovering rapidly. I am so glad to hear that. Rosalie is so active and it must be very trying for her to be an invalid. Give her my kindest regards.

I have had an attack of the ‘Flu but am getting over it gradually. I am very busy as usual and particularly so just now, as I am putting on some amateur shows and this necessitates my going out of town a great deal.

Mrs. Speed is progressing slowly.

Elsie and Malcolm both look very well and are very busy these days with their large family.

My best regards to Mrs. Creech and all the Family. I am happy to know Mrs. Creech is coming to Louisville in the near future.

Sincerely yours,
Douglas Rengger