PMSS SERIES IV LIBRARY FILE 1911-1983 and 1983 to present

Pine Mountain Settlement School
Series IV: LIBRARY FILE, 1911-1983 [Originally boxed 55 –]

PMSS SERIES IV – LIBRARY FILE – 1911-1983, 1983-present
Guide to Library File, 1911-1983, 1983-present (By Series)

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This guide is derived from the original container list generated by Berea College as SERIES IV LIBRARY FILE, 1911-1983, BOX 55 – . It follows the PMSS ARCHIVAL BOX HOLDINGS, 1-55, which describes the folders microfilmed by Berea College in 1983. In addition to the folders in the original SERIES IV LIBRARY FILE, 1911-1983, in the microfilm project, new material has been added by PMSS and is deposited in the file cabinets in the Office* at PMSS. New material will continue to be added to the various Series in the Office files as it is donated and collected.

The following brief Guide describes, by title, folders held in the Office file cabinets* (not at West Wind) as they were described in the original Berea Library File (BOX 55) microfilmed in 1983 and those files have been mapped to the current files added later by PMSS.

The original Berea SERIES IV LIBRARY FILE, 1911-1983, folder listing was alphabetical but was changed by PMSS to a SERIES LISTING in 1999, to more closely reflect the series listing now used as the bibliographic control of the PMSS Library File Collections. This Guide maps to the COLLECTION INDEX but is more extensive in its inventory as it describes the Berea microfilm project and the PMSS SERIES LISTING.

*UPDATE: As of 2016, the file cabinets containing the PMSS Collection were moved from the PMSS Office to the Library (Boys’ House). This is currently a closed collection and available only by appointment to serious scholars and researchers.


Alumni and Friends Association 1975-1981  Ser. 20: Alumni and Alumni Relations
Articles of Incorporation 1913 1  Ser. 03: Articles of Incorporation – Charter (1913-1947)
Buildings (Mary Rockwell Hook) 1916-1940 10  Ser. 10: Built Environment
Mary Rockwell Hook
Bulletins to Board 1941 5  Ser. 05: Administration: Board of Trustees
Centennial of Uncle William 1945
Chang Survey 1951  Ser. 25: Case Studies, Reports, Consultants, Documents
Children’s Writings  I, II, III   DUPLICATES ?? 1969  Ser. 13: Education
Citizenship Committee 1930s-1940s  Ser. 18: Rules, Regulations, Policies
Commencement Programs 1948, 1966-1971  Ser. 13: Education
Cooperatives 1941  Ser. 13: Education
Creech Family 1913, 1972-1973  Ser. 02: Arrival & ConstructionCreech Family
Dramatics, Pine Mountain Pageants and Plays 1919, 1930, 1969, n.d.  Ser. 16: Special EventsGuide to Special & Annual Events
“Pine Mountain Ears”, 1953 and “Junior Enterprise”, n.d. 1953, n.d.  Ser. 17: PMSS PublicationsGuide to Literature Published by PMSS
Earth Day c. 1970s  Ser. 16: Special Events
Educational 1936, 1941  Ser. 13: Education
Emotionally Disturbed Children Projects 1975  Ser. 13: Education
Environmental Education, Events and Programs 1972-1983  Ser. 13: Education, Environmental Education
Extension Centers 1930  Ser. 14: Medical
Folksongs and Ballads  Ser. 30: Music
Music & Dance
Fortieth Anniversary 1953  Ser. 16: Special Events
Giffin, Robert; People of the Pine Mountain School District 1950  Ser. 25: Case Studies, Reports, Consultants, Documents
Guest Record 1943-1957  Ser. 22: Friends and Visitors — Related to Pine Mountain Settlement School
Guidance Institutes 1935-1942  Ser. 13: Education
Historical Letters: Marguerite Butler 1914-1922, 1969-1970  Ser. 09: Biography
Historical Letters: Children  Ser. 13: Education
Historical Letters: Founding of the School 1911-1913  Ser. 01: Planning for PMSS
 Ser. 04: Pine Mountain Settlement School Histories
Historical Letters: Sheperd Travelogue, 1938; Hanby Letter, 1973 1938, 1973  Ser. 04: Pine Mountain Settlement School Histories
Historical Letters: Letters, Notes, Miscellaneous 1913-1970  Ser. 04: Pine Mountain Settlement School Histories
Historical Letters: Catherine Rittenhouse 1914  Ser. 09: Biography
Historical Letters: Evelyn K. Wells 1915-1927  Ser. 09: Biography
Historical Writings: Mabel Mullins’ Memories of Miss Gaines 1980  Ser. 09: Biography
Historical Writings: Paper by Blance Rannells 1924  Ser. 09: Biography
Historical Writings: PMSS: A Record 1913-1941  Ser. 09: Biography
Historical Writings: Writings: Lyttle, Lewis n.d.  Ser. 09: Biography
McKaye, Percy and Marion: Articles 1946  Ser. 09: Biography
Magazine and News Clippings 1916-1980  Ser. 24: PMSS — Derived Literature
Morris, Glyn: Articles, Speeches, Bibliography 1939-1942  Ser. 09: Biography
Ser. 09: Director’s Files
Morton Arboretum Visit 1974  Ser. 22: Friends & Visitors
 Ser. 13: Education (EE)
Music Project, Golda Pensol n.d.  Ser. 09: Biography
 Ser. 30: Music
Notes from the Pine Mountain Settlement School 1913-1953, 1974-1982  Ser. 17: PMSS Publications
Pettit, Katherine: Letters and Notes 1911-1936  Ser. 09: Biography
Pettit, Katherine: Recognitions and Articles 1936, n.d.  Ser. 09: Biography
 Ser. 07: Director’s Files
Pine Cone 1930-1949, 1955-1956, 1969  Ser. 17: PMSS Publications
Pottery: Philosophy and Planning I 1965-1966  Ser. 37: Art & Craft Programs  [1965-1967]
Pottery: Salt Glazing, Letters, Firing Records II  Ser. 37: Art & Craft Programs  [1965-1967]
Pottery: Salt Glazing, Letters, Firing Records III Ser. 37: Art & Craft Programs    [1965-1967]
Preschool 1963-66, 1971  Ser. 13: Education
Publicity Letters 1913-49, 1963-75  Ser. 17: PMSS Publications
Religion: A Student Survey late, 1940s  Ser. 25: Case Studies, Reports, Consultants, Documents
Reports to Board of Trustees 1913-73  Ser. 05: Administration — Board of Trustees
Reunion, 1963 ; Alumni List, c. 1974 1963, 1974  Ser. 20: Alumni and Alumni Relations
Road [Laden Trail] 1916 —  Ser. 12: Land Use
Scrapbooks  1913-39, 1940-72  Ser. 27: ScrapbooksGuide to Scrapbooks
Silver Jubilee 1938  Ser. 16: Special Events
Student Jubilee 1938  Ser. 16: Special Events
Student Evaluation of Environmental Weekend 1981  Ser. 13: Education
Zande, Ethel de Long: Articles 1913, n.d.  Ser. 09: BiographySer. 07: Director’s Files
APPENDIX (Publications): Christmas, Documentation on Activities, Programs, Music, 1920-1940s  Ser. 17: PMSS Publications
APPENDIX (Publications): Mummers Play 1948  Ser. 17: PMSS Publications
APPENDIX (Publications): Dance Music c.1930s-40s  Ser. 17: PMSS Publications
APPENDIX (Publications): Pine Cone 1930  Ser. 17: PMSS Publications
APPENDIX (Publications): Conifer 1941-49  Ser. 17: PMSS Publications
APPENDIX (Publications): A Pine Mountain Study in Civics 1937  Ser. 17: PMSS Publications
APPENDIX (Publications): Consumers’ Cooperative Store 1939  Ser.17: PMSS Publications
APPENDIX (Publications): Findings of the Pine Mountain Guidance Institute 1937  Ser. 17: PMSS Publications
APPENDIX (Publications): Pine Mountain Bulletin c. 1939  Ser.17: PMSS Publications
APPENDIX (Publications): Experiences in Consumer Cooperation 1940-41  Ser. 17: PMSS Publications
APPENDIX (Publications): We Came to Pine Mountain c. 1941-42  Ser. 17: PMSS Publications
APPENDIX (Publications): “A Year of Song,” Pine Mountain Calendar 1952  Ser. 17: PMSS Publications
APPENDIX (Publications): The Green Book: Teaching Ecological Concepts Outdoors 1974  Ser. 17: PMSS Publications
APPENDIX (Publications): Health Survey of Harlan County, Kentucky, published by the International Save the Children Fund of America 1932  Ser. 17: PMSS Publications
Ser: 14: Medical


[Organization of the following files is THEMATIC, not alphabetical.]

Series 00: Collection Lists, Finding Aids

CONTENTS (18 folders)

Series 01: Planning for PMSS/Correspondence

CONTENTS (01 folder)

Series 02: Arrival (1908-1913) and Construction (Land Purchase 1913-1914)

Creech Family

CONTENTS (04 folders)

Series 03: Articles of Incorporation – Charter (1913-1947)

03A. Articles of Incorporation, 1913
03B. Incorporation Data: Site Proposal, c. 1913
Incorporation Data: Conveyance of Land to PMSS, William and Sallie Creech
03C. By-Laws 1947, Amendments 1984, Resolutions N.B.
03D. Mission Statements, 1913- [folder is empty]
03E. Contracts
03F. Wills

CONTENTS (07 folders)

Series 04: Pine Mountain Settlement School Histories

04A: Pine Mountain Settlement School History — Creech Family
04B: PMSS Histories

CONTENTS (54 folders)

Series 05: Administration — Board of Trustees

05A: Administration: Advisory Board
05B: Administration: Individual Members

CONTENTS (25 folders)

Series 06: Administration: General

06A: Administration: General Office Files, Correspondence, Meeting Agendas
06B: Administration: Financial
06C: Administration: General — Donations
06D: Administration: General — Awards

CONTENTS (71 folders)

Series 07: Directors

One-on-One Correspondence
Fundraising by Director

CONTENTS (72 folders)

Series 08: General Administration Correspondence 1913- [Not specific to Director]

08A: Board Reports — Annual
08B: Board Reports — Monthly
08C: Board Reports — Cumulative
08D: Board reports — Statistical

CONTENTS (17 folders)

Series 09: Biographical: Staff/Personnel/Community (1913 – present)
[See also Students, Directors, Board of Trustees]

Staff Workers

CONTENTS (89 folders)

Series 10: Built Environment (Physical Plant)
[History of Buildings at PMSS]

CONTENTS (22 folders)

Series 11: Farm

Farm, 1913-1931
Farm, 1931-1953
Farm, 1953-present
Sustainable Agriculture Program

CONTENTS (02 folders)

Series 12: Land Use

12A: [not defined]
12B: Land Use: Lands Unsuitable for Mining
12C: Land Use: Gas, Water
12D: Land Use: Liens, Right-of-Way, Roads
12E: Land Use: Soil Survey by Bell & Harlan Co., KY

CONTENTS (09 folders)

Series 13: Education

13A: Boarding School (1913-1949)
*Guidance Institute
Co-operative School
13B: Community School (Grades 1 – 3, 1949-1972)
“Little School”

*Guidance Institute has not been inventoried and is not included in total folder count. Scale of Guidance Institute material is approximately 1.5 file drawers.

CONTENTS ( 22 folders)

14: Medical [Not inventoried]

14A: Medical — Infirmary
14B: Big Laurel Medical Settlement
14C: Line Fork Medical Settlement

CONTENTS (xxx folders)

Series 15: On-Going & Past Programs

 Weaving Workshops (see Fireside Industries)
Education: Youth Guidance Institute [Incomplete listing] (1945-1950) [Move to SERIES 13-EDUCATION]

CONTENTS (57 folders)

Series 16: Special and Annual Events

16V: Special Events: Vespers (Sunday Evening Pray Service), 1934-1940

CONTENTS (07 folders)

Series 17: PMSS PUBLICATIONS (Published by PMSS) ; PUBLICITY AND FUNDRAISING [Intrenal and External material]


CONTENTS (32 folders)

Series 18: Rules, Regulations, Policies

CONTENTS (10 folders)

Series 19: Students [incomplete]

19A: Student Activities
19B: Staff Activities

19C: COMMUNITY SCHOOL RECORDS (Housed separately in file cabinet)

CONTENTS (22 folders)

Series 20: Alumni and Alumni Relations

CONTENTS (25 folders)

Series 21:  Guidance Institute [new location]  DUPLICATE OF SERIES 29 GUIDANCE INSTITUTE ??

**NOTE:  [Personal Narratives (Written) & Oral/Video Histories [Moved to individual Biography – Series 09]

21A: Personal Narratives (Written)  [Moved to Biography 09]

PMSS SERIES IV – LIBRARY FILE, 1911-1983, 1983-present
Guide to Library File, 1911-1983, 1983 – present (By Series)

Personal Narratives — Video & Audio [See Individual Biography in Series 09]

CONTENTS (xxx of folders)


** MOVED  TO SERIES 09 – Friends and Visitors — Related to Pine Mountain Settlement School

Guest Books

CONTENTS (08 folders)

Series 23: Ellwood J. Carr Botanical Collection
[Specimens Located in the Plant Center (Girl’s Industrial)]

CONTENTS (collection held in Plant Center – See Plant Center Inventory)

Series 24:  DERIVED LITERATURE: BOOKS, PERIODICALS, LITERARY PRODUCTIONS, & RELATED – Literary Productions, Related and Derived Literature
[Various locations. Clippings files in Library (Boy’s House). Books Boy’s house Library. Some derived literature under other Series. See Bibliography. See also Series 17: PMSS Publications]


CONTENTS (xxx folders)

Series 25: Case Studies, Reports, Consultant Documents
[Not inventoried. See Bibliography]

CONTENTS (xxx folders)

Series 26: VERTICAL FILES – Misc. Newspaper & Magazine Clippings
[Located in File Cabinets in Library (Boy’s House.]

CONTENTS (xxx folders)

Series 27: Scrapbooks, Albums, Gathered Ephemera
[Not inventoried. Located in cabinets and shelves at Boy’s House (Library) not fire-proof)]

CONTENTS (xxx folders)

Series 28: Book and Periodical Collections
[Partially inventoried. See Bibliography]

Inventory Lists Only — in folder.
Helen de Long and de Long Family  Book Collection 
Katherine Pettit Book Collection

Series 29: [no files – mixed with Music.]

CONTENTS (xxx folders)

Series 30: Music and Dance  [NEED TO SEPARATE ?]
[Stored in Library at Boy’s House. Partially inventoried. See Bibliography.]

Sheet music, Various books, pamphlets, journals, etc., located in various shelves in Library (Boy’s House) . Not inventoried

CONTENTS (xxx folders)

Series 31: Computer Files

Inventory List Only

CONTENTS (xxx folders)

Series 32: Object Collections

OBJECT COLLECTIONS Ceramics (Berea list= See: Pottery)
OBJECT COLLECTIONS Farm Equipment & Tools
OBJECT COLLECTIONS Guide to Inventory by Building (Inventory list by building)

CONTENTS (xxx folders)

Series 33: Maps [Vault files]

MAPS Guide
No full inventory list

CONTENTS (xxx folders)

Series 34: Video Cassettes & Audio Cassettes

See inventory list.

CONTENTS (xxx folders)

Series 35: Film [See also Video recordings & Audio recordings]

See inventory list.

CONTENTS (xxx folders)

Series 36: Associated Organizations & Institutions

Not inventories. Multiple ephemera about various organizations and institutions.

CONTENTS (xxx files)

Series 37: Two-dimensional Art (at large and building location) ; Three-dimensional Art (at large and building location.)

Inventory by building

CONTENTS (xxx folders)

Series 38: Two-dimensional Art (at large and by building location) ; Three-dimensional Art (at large and by building location)

 Partially inventoried. [See: John Spelman III]

CONTENTS (xxx folders)

Series 39: Bibliographies

See individual Bibliographies.

CONTENTS (xxx folders)

Series 40: Environmental Education Program

Not inventoried. See E.J. Carr Collection and Education series for additional information.

Ben and Pat Begley
E.J. Carr Collection
Mary Rogers papers
Mary Dresser

CONTENTS (xxx folders)